02 Build


amocaT's 02 Tacoma

Thought I share my build. Brought her home back in 07. She pretty much spent the next couple of years stock. After years of looking on the forums. I picked up some parts for cheap. Below is what I've done so far...

2002 SR5 TRD xtracab 3.4 Auto 4x4.

First camping trip in Big Bear

The first thing I found, an ARE CX shell

Off came the stock wheel...Spare Steelies

Then a trip from Mexicali to Cabo. Bone stock without a problem. The other two vehicles had some minor stuff.

Then all the goodies. The DRs I picked up for cheap needed a rebuild. It ended up needing a new shaft as well. Found out the hard way, leaked during a trail run. Had to limp back.

Next the rear leafs. The oem were seriously negative. Found a set of used Deavers 8pack and Icon Resi.

Finally the ARB bumper

Next on the list:
Rear bumper
Roof rack...maybe
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Built a platform for my dog and the fridge. Attached some footman's loop for the tie downs.

Found a great deal on the fridge that I couldn't turn down

Added a Scangauge to keep an eye on stuff

Needed a fuse block to deal with all the add-ons. I used a Blue Sea fuse block and circuit breaker. Found some tupperware to keep moisture and dust out. Bent a tray using some 16ga stainless I found at IMS junk pile for $2.

Got my license and installed a Yaesu FT-8900R. Got the idea from 4runamok/barlowrs to use magnets to deal the mic.

Also mounted my Garmin Montana to the A pillar using RAM stuff.