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  1. another_mike

    Help with 2m/70cm HT setup in van

    I currently have a HT (Kenwood D74a) on 2m/70cm. Tx and Rx from inside the van is less than stellar. Ive decided on mounting an antenna to the drivers fender. The majority of the time im using APRS. Why a fender mount? My van is already like 9 feet tall. I have a full length roof rack and that...
  2. another_mike

    Another Van Build... E350 V10 4x4 conversion

    I always liked the idea of a van, but really wanted something offroad capable for my summer trips West. After finding this site and Ujoint, I immediately began looking for a van. I was once a tech at a dealer, so I wasnt afraid to get something that needed a little work. My search criteria had...