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  1. Backroad Explorer

    The Odd One & The R-Pod

    Spotted these Two over Memorial Weekend in McCall The Odd One & The R-Pod
  2. Backroad Explorer

    I.I.F.I.F.M. Trailer Build

    If It's Free It's For Me Just got this from a customer of mine from N.A.P.A. Now all I have to Wait for is DINOOT to get their Basic Tub Kit on the Market and the Fun Begins. Tear Down Begins Tomorrow. I'll post more Pics later.
  3. Backroad Explorer

    Suzuki Owners; Let's see your ExPo Trucks

    I'm new to The ExPo but I would love to see other Suzuki's on here. So please post up your ExPo Suzuki's. I'll start with " Mr. Livingston " My ExPo Samurai. :Astrologist:
  4. Backroad Explorer

    " Stanley Livingston " ExPo Samurai

    This is my 2nd ExPo truck I call " Stanley Livingston " because we just love Exploring the Backroads of This Great Country. :rockon: More accessory's to come :safari-rig: