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    Strapping down a kayak to a roof-rack

    Yes, it would be better if the bow and stern lines went to the bumpers especially in the front, but being a 10' boat I doubt there will be that much rotational load on it anyway. With 3 straps and the lines fore and aft, that thing isn't going anywhere!
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    Strapping down a kayak to a roof-rack

    I have many miles hauling up to 3 kayaks on my Titan's overhead rack using Yakima cam straps and have never had a problem, including a good amount of rough beach driving. For an added level of safety, I highly recommend also adding a bow line to the front of the truck, especially for highway...
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    2002 Pathfinder...the long road to recovery (build)

    Good luck with it. The body looks to be in great shape! Do you know what went wrong with the motor?
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    2018 Titan XD Pro 4X

    Good looking truck. I'd like to see how you adapted the awning to the overhead rack if you have any pics of that. I had played with some idead of how to do that, but it looks like it would have to be spaced out a bit so the awning doesn't hit the back of the cab. Too bad the bed on the new ones...
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    Nissan Photos - post your's

    On my way to the beach on Friday, my Titan turned the big 200k. Good truck!
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    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Nice Shots. How far down the beach were you?
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    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Took the titan to PINS and set up camp 15 miles down the beach.
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    (Julmood) My 2016 Nissan Patrol Y61 (GU), SWB, 4.8L I-6, in the Arabian Wilderness!

    Looks like a nasty storm. Stay safe.
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    2008 Nissan Pathfinder V8 Overland Build-Sleeping Platform, Sink, Sprayer...

    So true. This is a great build. Looking forward to more offroad pics
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    Selling guns now that Backpage is gone.

    Armslist and Gun Broker are some sites I look at. Try to find several examples and take an average. Some people think their rusted junk is actually gold plated.
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    2002 Xterra: The Green Bean! (mild/noob build!)

    Nice X! You can have a lot of fun in these trucks. They are also pretty easy to work on for the most part. I did head gaskets on ours in my driveway and I'm no pro mechanic. I wouldn't worry much about the knock sensor. From what I understand, it doesn't really do anything on the...
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    My AR15 pistol also fits nicely in a Wilson tennis racket case. I take it with me now when we go down to South TX, in case a "tennis match" breaks out.
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    Wildlife Photography

    They are cool critters and fun to watch with the way they kind of waddle around with their round bodies. They can't see very well so frequently you can stalk up pretty close to them before they notice you. When they do they will jump up in the air and then scurry off to find a place to hide.
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    Wildlife Photography

    Some shots from recent trips to South TX.
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    Ditching my RTT; Need ideas on Camp Set-ups - Post Pics!

    Another vote for an REI tent. My wife and I are using a half dome 4. It is nice to have the space to spread out and store gear inside. We also like the vestibule and entry door on each side. It doesn't take up too much space to set it up and we can have the whole thing pitched in about 5...
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    Hunting Knife Options

    Check out I have the Pronghorn hunter, and it is a great all purpose hunting knife.
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    (Julmood) My 2016 Nissan Patrol Y61 (GU), SWB, 4.8L I-6, in the Arabian Wilderness!

    I enjoy seeing the pictures you put up. A lot of it is more wet and lush then I expect from your part of the world. Look forward to seeing your truck with the new lift and wheels.
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    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Those are stock Nissan units. It came with one on the passenger's side, and I got the driver's side from a place in the UK. Cleaned them up with a wire wheel and painted them red for fun.