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  1. utherjorge

    1990 Daihatsu Rocky: Reddy the Rocky

    I will be letting y'all know what I get up to. I am kinda/sorta a mod on WARFS. But by no means in charge there. I'd like to know more about the forklift engine you speak of. Other Dai vehicles use a Toyota 3Y engine (not these little Dais, but others). That one also goes in some forklifts. Is...
  2. utherjorge

    1990 Daihatsu Rocky: Reddy the Rocky

    Hello to one and all. You might run into this story in a few places on the internet as I look for advice, but my Rocky engine is no more. A quick engine summary: when I first got it, I changed the fluids and started it up. I blew a hose. So I replaced that hose. Then, I started it up again. I...
  3. utherjorge

    Increasing Power Wagon payload

    A gimmick? Do tell
  4. utherjorge

    Hyundai Tucson aka Firefly Maiden Voyage

    +eleventy million for TV show references. Looking good so far.
  5. utherjorge

    1990 Daihatsu Rocky: Reddy the Rocky

    OK, so got some nice progress going on this week. Dual batteries and winch are in. Sadly, I've got an electrical gremlin I didn't know about with my turn signals. They work, but now the brakes are flashing too, instead of just the turn signals. So, that's on the list.! And the winch!
  6. utherjorge

    Can it be done?: Swing-out Tire Carrier and Carry 4 Bikes

    OK, so I have a tiny SUV that only fits four people anyway. I have a hitch-mounted rack in case I wanted to use it, but I haven't mountain biked for years. So, I'm asking this question out of pure curiosity instead of anything else. But that pic at the top of the page: who's carrying 5 bikes...
  7. utherjorge

    Finished Lowe's trailer

    This sort of engineering is beyond me. But I seem to recall someone doing something similar (not as comprehensive as what you've built, but taking a HF trailer and upfitting it, I think) had to swap the axle, more for allowed speed than anything else.
  8. utherjorge

    Small efficient overlander

    I like mine, but they are hard to find, and due to the difficulty finding parts, that's another mark against it. Before I post a pic of mine, you can get a lot of great aftermarket support for Geo Trackers, and the four door ones have decent space. I wanted a convertible, though, so I avoided...
  9. utherjorge

    New Question: Power requirements for ARB onboard air

    Thank you for these replies, guys. I stayed away from this post (and one more about batteries) because I've been trying to sort out what the electrical will be like. Once I do that, I will know what I have for space. I believe we are going to try to cram dual Type 65s in there; there is just...
  10. utherjorge

    Status of US Maltec Campers?

    There is no information around to see what they do.
  11. utherjorge

    Finished Lowe's trailer

    Are you keeping the stock axle?
  12. utherjorge

    Project: Stratotrooper

    I'm sorry, man. Heal up and take care of yourself.
  13. utherjorge

    my (almost) homemade above-the-spare cargo rack

    Not to hijack the thread, but did you make that interior tailgate table yourself? I have to do that the next couple of months or so.
  14. utherjorge

    Onboard air with ARB: questions

    Hello to all. I just posted this question to the electrical board here, as they have been awesome with helping me navigate and understand what I will do with my electrical system. This does include an electrical question about a compressor, and while this isn't a straight recovery question, the...
  15. utherjorge

    New Question: Power requirements for ARB onboard air

    So, a lot has come together recently. I have a Daihatsu Rocky, and the offroad bits for it can be hard to source. I'll keep to the point for this thread here: I finally found a locker for my rig. Even though the Rocky rear end is essentially a 7" Toyota, you can't simply throw a 7" in there...
  16. utherjorge

    Need your help and advice: Adding electrical stuff...does this make sense?

    I merely wanted to update the thread, because I've made some decisions (and need different help, so I'll start a new thread for that) and closure matters. I'll do pics when done; I think I can get this done while I'm waiting on the parts from a container ship outta Australia :oops: For now, I'm...
  17. utherjorge

    Thoughts on POR 15 for trailer build?

    I used Rust Bullet, which is very similar to POR-15 from all that I've heard. I have used it a few times, and am completely satisfied with what it does, and that seems to be a common theme. I did RB and then Monstaliner. I used RB for the primer: Then after sanding it (it gets thick...
  18. utherjorge

    1990 Daihatsu Rocky: Reddy the Rocky

    A little bit of snow fun the other day. I chose to not go too much further, as the snowmobiles were out, and it's the first time they could do so all season. Coming around a curve and stuffing into a snowmobile going 50 would be a bad day for all. Plus...I learned I have no heat. MORE WORK TO DO
  19. utherjorge

    LHD Troopy

    That was my question...what's a website for whoever is doing the importing?
  20. utherjorge

    LHD Troopy

    We have a website for such things?