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  1. Tennmogger

    Fuso vs larger truck

    A larger truck can have some definite advantages. For example, if the roads are ever soft and used by larger trucks, if you have much smaller tires and low differentials you will be stuck all the time. Large tires mean less influence from corrugations. Some large vehicles (like LMTV or large...
  2. Tennmogger

    HELP! What military trailer did I just buy??

    Your trailer looks functional and will probably serve you well but there's not much there to indicate a military origin, IMHO. The axle was a steering axle until 'immobilized' with those welded-on round bars. The round tubular front hitch frame is the type used on commercial trailers. The tub...
  3. Tennmogger

    Ham radio reboots when I start the engine

    Gary, you give good advise on here, and thanks. However, my TM-281 Kenwood will not handle voltage drops to slightly below 11.5 volts before it drops out. A good battery under starter load can easily drop below 11.5 volts. Nothing wrong with the setup, just physics. Radios are not a tolerant...
  4. Tennmogger

    Ham radio reboots when I start the engine

    You are correct about AGM needing higher charge voltage, and that a fuse can blow if voltages are too different. This is a case where smaller wiring, and subsequent voltage loss, can be beneficial. If you are concerned just put a 1 Ohm resistor in series to limit current. Peak charge voltage...
  5. Tennmogger

    Crisis in our national parks: how tourists are loving nature to death

    I blame it on roads! They are too good. Let the mud, rocks, and pot holes sort 'em out.
  6. Tennmogger

    A Little Different M416 Trailer Build

    How about this for a name for your trailer: Ship of Theseus! :-)
  7. Tennmogger

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Family accommodations.
  8. Tennmogger

    APRS Dog Collar

    I have not seen what frequency you are planning to use. Are you talking ham radio frequencies? Look up PicoAPRS on this site for tech info:, and drop down to the spectrum analyzer scan. It is obvious that Pico APRS is on 144.8 MHz, certainly a ham frequency...
  9. Tennmogger

    Ham radio reboots when I start the engine

    As already pointed out, modern radios have no tolerance for low voltage so this behavior is expected. This, and the real potential of damage to the radio, prompted me to make a fundamental change in how I powered comm gear. Having been a ham for a few years, I started out with the "wire...
  10. Tennmogger

    Amateur Radio & CB antenna - redux

    Interesting concept and metal work! Well done. Functionality will be proven when you test it (since a ground cable provides DC ground but not RF ground). Just keep in mind that PL-259's aren't waterproof, or even water tolerant. Ditto the switch.
  11. Tennmogger

    HF Mystory

    "dual battery system", does that involve any diodes in line? If so then add their voltage drop to the power source loss. I agree the issue is low voltage during transmit.
  12. Tennmogger

    New Here, New Alaskan Project

    That is a nice project! Those old International trucks really are work horses. I drove a 1969 1 ton Travelall for geology work in '69 or '70 and hauled a ton of rock core samples many times. Your truck will hardly feel the weight of the Alaskan. My old 1970 Alaskan is sort of beat up too...
  13. Tennmogger

    Big Green Camper spotted, MB truck?

    Thank you Chicky! That is certainly the truck. "Snail" would be a great name for such a vehicle in the mountains :-D I misspelled the name Scheckerl when I took notes. Bob
  14. Tennmogger

    Big Green Camper spotted, MB truck?

    Update: is a website that posts photos of vehicles as they pass the Dragon. I found a picture on their site. See Here's a screenprint: The name across the top of the windshield is SCHNECHERL...
  15. Tennmogger

    Big Green Camper spotted, MB truck?

    On Saturday I was working at the Cherohala Challenge bike ride on the Tail of the Dragon, highway 129, at the East Tennessee and North Carolina border. A big light green camper came through and tooted at me. By the time I turned around I could only see a forward cab-over truck with nice big...
  16. Tennmogger

    My M1079 Plan

    Your NG FMTVs must have the CAT C7 engine. It is electronic and programmable. Going over recommended rpm is at your own risk. The earlier FMTV engines, CAT 3116 and 3126 are mechanical and really don't tolerate over-rev'ing. With known issues of driveline imbalance, over-speeding can break...
  17. Tennmogger

    Simple radio

    The Kenwood TM-281A is about as simple as modern radios get. You can dial the frequency in, or you can coarse dial the MHz digit then fine tune the kHz digits. I do not know of any radio that lets you 'dial in' the tone frequency from the front panel. They all require a menu item selection...
  18. Tennmogger

    Picked up a refurbished Yeti 400

    Thanks! Makes sense to me now. I should read the manual!
  19. Tennmogger

    Picked up a refurbished Yeti 400

    What kind of magical device can have 31 Watts input and put out 68 Watts? :-) I want several of those to cut down my electric bill. Seriously, what do those numbers show?
  20. Tennmogger

    Unimog 404 help?

    If you want the uniqueness of a Unimog, prefer to keep the truck small(er), can live with few creature comforts, don't mind routine maintenance, and slowing down the pace on road is ok, then the 404 is a great truck. They are very reliable, tough, simple to maintain, and lots of parts...