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  1. jacobconroy

    2-Door JK JeepKitchen - AT Chaser - Globetrotter - National Luna build thread

    So, the Chaser...I'm a believer now. My plan is to offload the gear in the Jeep to the Chaser. Big plans regarding the kitchen, power, solar, etc. The Globe Trotter tent is a bit of work to set up,. and especially to put away, but it's so comfortable when in use. I plan to install a wood stove...
  2. jacobconroy

    2-Door JK JeepKitchen - AT Chaser - Globetrotter - National Luna build thread more heaters. Well...kinda. I'm done with the Propex. It's simply too much work. I'll put it in a box, file it in my "Indiana Jones" pile of gov't secrets (in cedar boxes), and play with it later. In the upcoming season I'll use the Buddy Heater in the Chaser when needed. Last...
  3. jacobconroy

    2-Door JK JeepKitchen - AT Chaser - Globetrotter - National Luna build thread

    Got a pic of the pooches at bed time last night. I decided to sleep in the Chaser for this trip. I had forgotten how comfortable that Globe Trotter tent is. The vestibule is awesome. The bed is awesome. Now I'm seriously considering switching back to the Chaser for the rest of the year.
  4. jacobconroy

    HJ45 Troop Carrier with Trakka Pop-Top

    That. Rig. Is. Awesome.
  5. jacobconroy

    This would be cool for a fridge

    The opening in the back of my trailer isn't tall enough for a regular fridge slideout and that is why I've been eyeballing drawer fridges. The problem is that if I want to store the fridge in the trailer, then I have to open the trailer lid to gain access (with the RTT and everything on top). It...
  6. jacobconroy

    Rubicon or Sahara

    My Sahara came stock with 4:10 gears. Thank's gutless with 4:10s and all the weight it has to deal with. I don't really know anything about gearing though. Is that ratio referring to the transfer case, or the gearing in the pumpkins? Or are they the same thing?
  7. jacobconroy

    This would be cool for a fridge

    I've thought about that, but I doubt that I have enough width available. I'll have to measure it again tomorrow. A quick search didn't reveal the Ah requirements for the CD-30...but in any case, I'd rather have one fridge at 2AH than 2 fridges at 1.7 each. Just a guess at those ratings. I'd...
  8. jacobconroy

    This would be cool for a fridge I was looking around for a drawer-type fridge and found this. Easy access to beer....more space for when actually cooking. It's a good idea and I wish a big-brand company would make something similar. When is someone...
  9. jacobconroy

    Question about light weight spare on JK

    The problem isn't that I can't afford it. I'd rather not afford it. $300+ for a spare that will probably not get used is quite steep IMO. After considering this for a bit, I have another idea. My A/T Overland Chaser has the same wheel pattern. Since I just bought new wheels for the Jeep I'm...
  10. jacobconroy

    Rubicon or Sahara

    I bought a JK Sahara instead of Rubicon about 12 years ago. To be fair, I didn't know what "lockers" were back then. In all that time I've never actually needed lockers. Not even the two times I went "snow wheelin'" with the boys. Others might know better about the minute differences between...
  11. jacobconroy

    Two Four Corners Area Alaskan Campers

    I think the Alaskans on a utility bed are simply awesome. Might need to have one someday.
  12. jacobconroy

    Moby1 Going Out Of Business? Has Anyone Received A Deposit Return?

    I have no dog in this fight. Thanks for the link though.
  13. jacobconroy

    Question about light weight spare on JK

    Lol, correct.
  14. jacobconroy

    Question for the hard shell RTT folks

    Yeah, that's not normal. I leave my RTT mounted year around in MT. Plenty of snow and rain involved. This winter I'm going to have a "shower cap" made for it out of sunbrella for the winter to cut down on worry and fiberglass maintenance. it will look stupid...but I don't care. ;) My RTT is...
  15. jacobconroy

    Question about light weight spare on JK

    I'll reply to a couple of posts above at once. :) I'm running Toyo M/T Open Country 185/70/r17s on the Jeep (I found them on CL for a very good price). They are E-rated, but my Jeep is so top-heavy that the stiff tires greatly improved road manners. The same guy sold me a set of Toyo A/T...
  16. jacobconroy

    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    Ok, here is another one. Not a lot of details given though... What do you folks think about this one?
  17. jacobconroy

    Snow Peak Addiction

    I finally removed my 6-inch Snow Peak gear from my chuck box and put an 8-inch lodge pan in there. Know what? It cooks just as well. If SP would offer a larger cast-iron set I would buy it. But...they don't. Hey Snow Peak, Americans would like a 9-inch cook set. Just sayin'. One frying pan...
  18. jacobconroy

    2-Door JK JeepKitchen - AT Chaser - Globetrotter - National Luna build thread

    Turned out that the manager of the tire store I visited plays music with my he only hit me for $70.00 to mount and balance the five wheels/tires. Gotta love living in a small town.
  19. jacobconroy

    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    That's one hell of a good idea. My trailer RTT tilts when the lid is open and I've wound up with my mattress on the ground more than once because I forgot to close the entry door before opening the box. Putting a handle like this in there would hold the mattress in place and give me a...
  20. jacobconroy

    Adventure Tool Company's 4wd Provan Tiger Build

    I sure envy your Tiger. Some day (when I'm rich or lucky) I hope to find something similar. Awesome rig.