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  1. pkelly72

    WTB M416 or similar project Modesto

    Looking for a project M416, 100 or bantam project. Already have axle, leaf springs, rims and some other parts In Modesto, CA
  2. pkelly72

    WTB 416 trailer Modesto, CA

    Looking for a m416 or similar trailer in Modesto California.
  3. pkelly72

    Masterpull 3/8” synthetic winch line 85’

    Masterpull XD 3/8” x 85’ synthetic winch line with cobra sling hook. New in bag. $525 plus shipping saves you $100.
  4. pkelly72

    WTB max coupler or lock n roll

    Cross posted in trailers. I’m in Modesto. Email me if you have one.
  5. pkelly72

    WTB. Max coupler or lock n roll

    Located in Modesto. Email is preferred
  6. pkelly72

    WTB. Skottle

    Looking for a used skottle. I have the heater. In Modesto, CA
  7. pkelly72

    WTB IBS Dual battery system

    Let me know if you have one for sale.
  8. pkelly72

    WTB 5lb propane mounting bracket

    Looking for a 5lb propane mounting bracket. Tank is 8” in diameter.
  9. pkelly72

    WTB: oztent rv4 or 5

    Looking for a used oztent rv4 or 5. Located in Modesto, CA
  10. pkelly72

    WTB older engel or norcold fridge 40QT +

    Looking for an older norcold or engel 40QT or better. I'm in Modesto, CA but would cover shipping. I don't care if it's scratched or dented as long as it works as it should. Email is best.
  11. pkelly72

    Modesto-Kodiak canvas 10x14 We have used it about 5 times. We always dried it out before we put it away. It sets up quick and has been great but we were given a tent trailer and we just don't need it anymore. Local pickup only. Modesto, CA $400 but...
  12. pkelly72

    Any experiences with lockers and CV's

    I'm thinking about getting arb air lockers for the front and rear of my p38. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this? Thanks in advance.
  13. pkelly72

    New to me P38 HSE Bosch

    New to me. P38 HSE 4.6. I joined the club. I just drove my 1999 Bosch p38 home today. I couldn't be happier. It ran well no issues at 70-80mph for about 70 miles. It has 184k miles and was purchased as a lien from a shop that installed the coil suspension. I believe someone has done work to...
  14. pkelly72

    Looking for some examples of built RRC LWB's

    I'm narrowing my search and I think I've decided on a RRC LWB. Can someone post some examples of built LWB's? I'm looking for examples that show lifts, tire size, armor and possibly aux. or extended fuel tanks. Thanks.
  15. pkelly72

    1999 DII blown head gasket - question before buying

    I've never owned a Land Rover but have owned 3 land cruiser which were all built. Two 80 series with superchargers and one 100 series. All had armor, suspension, most everything. I got divorced about a year ago and had to sell my 97 LX 450 which I loved. I've been browsing on Craigslist locally...
  16. pkelly72

    KLR 650 center stand. Never used

    KLR 650 center stand never used. $70 plus shipping.
  17. pkelly72

    Waeco - Coolfreeze fridge/freezer CF-40

    This fridge has worked flawlessly for me for about 2 years. It has both AC and DC power cords. It gets cold fast and is currently serving as my beer/mixed drink mixer fridge. I'd prefer NOT to ship this but if buyer is serious, I will ship on your dime. I will be heading to the bay area and...
  18. pkelly72

    Better expedition vehicle - Wagoneer or 90's Landcruiser

    This may be a loaded question. What do you think would make a better expo.-type vehicle, a FZJ land cruiser 93-97 or a full size wagoneer? I've previously owned a 94 LC and I was happy with it but I'm now in the market for another expo type vehicle. Here's what I'm looking for: 1...
  19. pkelly72

    Wagoneer: Which years and why

    I found a nice 1990 grand wagoneer but I had my heart set on a pre-75 smog exempt wagoneer (I'm in CA). What model year should I be looking for. This is for an expo build.
  20. pkelly72

    WTB-pre 1975 wagoneer.

    Looking for a somewhat local, pre 1975 wagoneer. I'm looking for a decent weekend vehicle. Mechanical sound preferred. Project ok. Modesto, CA