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    SOLD: NIB Garmin inReach Explorer

    Received and thank you. Responded via DM
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    SOLD: NIB Garmin inReach Explorer

    As it hasn’t been opened or registered, it’s under warranty and is exactly what arrived from garmin... thanks
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    SOLD: NIB Garmin inReach Explorer

    Pictures... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SOLD: NIB Garmin inReach Explorer

    Hello, I have a brand new Garmin inReach Explorer+. Still sealed in the box, shipped to me by Garmin. They’ve just gone on sale on the Garmin site for $399. I’d like $325 for shipped and insured CONUS. I’ll post a picture of the box when I get home from work. Thanks
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    NJ/ Free: CVT RTT Annex

    still available
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    2006 Land Rover LR3 | HD Pkg | Lots of mods

    I still miss my LR3 and if I hadn’t committed to building a 4x4 Sprinter ($$$) I’d take a long look at this truck. They’re such good all rounder; comfortable for cruising a continent, capable off road (with a few mods) and super reliable. Good luck with your sale
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    Sale Pending: 2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 (Crew Van), 4x4, 144WB, 3.0L V6 DOHC turbo-diesel

    Nice van... and GLWS. I’d love to know how you made the mule bags work with the factory headliner...
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    WTB: arb double swag tent

    Last time I was at OK4WD (NJ) they were on sale out on the floor. I bought a single. Maybe give them a call and see if they’ve any doubles left
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    SOLD: 2000 Discovery 2 $6k

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    SOLD: 2000 Discovery 2 $6k

    Got one slider on just in time for the snow to arrive... now I’m out enjoying it.
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    SOLD: 2000 Discovery 2 $6k

    If the weather holds tomorrow I’ll be fixing the window and installing the sliders... 🧐
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    1998 Tacoma 4x4 RV conversion

    Love it. I spent a year looking for something like this before giving up and buying a sprinter. GLWS
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    SOLD: 2000 Discovery 2 $6k

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys. Temporary price drop as the front passenger window went inop this morning (my fault, didn’t noticed window was frozen shut when I went to open it). So I’ll drop to $5800 until I get it taken care of...
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    SOLD: 2000 Discovery 2 $6k

    Thanks man, you may be in luck with timing. I’m definitely in the wrong part of the country! Good luck with your sale, that’s a nice looking truck!
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    1994 Land Rover Disco 5.3 v8

    Nice looking truck. Lame classified.
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    SOLD: 2000 Discovery 2 $6k

    Weekend test drives available... don’t think I mentioned above but new Terrafirma sliders come with the Disco (picked up at Rovers North on a VT trip)
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    SOLD: 2000 Discovery 2 $6k

    Hello, Yes the truck is available... I have zero affiliation with Rover Classics. I went there to drive a D1 and check out a Camel Trophy Disco. I came home with this one.
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    SOLD: GoPro Hero 5

    PM’s replies to and just to note, it’s the Black edition