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  1. mudbutt

    50% off all Nokero Products until 12-5-14

  2. mudbutt

    Sears Long Handle Round Point Shovel/Fiberglass Handle. $2.47

    Long Handle Round Point Shovel with Fiberglass Handle Sears Item# 07183401000 | Model# 1203800 Reg Price: $9.99 Savings: $7.52 $2.47 Online Only Price In Store Pickup FREE...
  3. mudbutt

    Nokero Solar Lights

    I purchased 6 of the Nokero Solar Lights to attach to my Rv's awning on our last outing to Julian, Ca. They arrived two days before we left. They seem to be well built. They are made of ABS plastic which is very durable. And the hang loops are sturdy steel. They have a three way switch...
  4. mudbutt

    Leatherman MUT Multi-Tool 95 Bux

    Save 85 bux. As much as I hate Wallyworld, this is a decent price if you feel the need to carry that much crap around on your belt. Their website is a joke. The only picture they have is of the sheath, so if you want you see pics, you will have to search the webs.... It's received pretty good...
  5. mudbutt

    Union Tools Utility Shovel 6 Bux

    Plus $6.50 shipped to your door, or free shipping to your nearest Sears. And while I cannot verify, I believe these are made right here in the good ole' U.S. of A.
  6. mudbutt

    Black & Decker 500 Watt Inverter for 25 bux...

    That's 40 bux off..... Max Continuos Power: 500 Watts Surge Capacity 1000 Watts POWERS A VARIETY OF SMALL ELECTRONICS using 12V DC power cable (up to 100W) POWERS LARGER ELECTRONICS when directly connected to the battery (up to 400W)"...
  7. mudbutt

    Wanna see a magic trick???

    Make some ABT's! What are ABT's? Atomic Buffalo Turds! Dozen or more (crowd size determines quantity) large fresh Jalapeno peppers Prepackaged sliced salami Package cream cheese Bag pre-shredded Mexican Mix Cheese BACON! Toothpicks Rubber gloves Safety glasses....... Wash Jalapenos I...
  8. mudbutt

    REI 20% Off Outlet Coupon till 8-11-11

    One item only (highest priced)....
  9. mudbutt

    Free Dry Rub For Your Meat....

    Well....... Not totally free.... 1 penny for 5 different rubs..... (Plush $3.74 S&H) It's on the right hand side....
  10. mudbutt

    Added some storage to my XJ

    Put this in yesterday. It's a deck bag for a kayak. I plan on using it to hold odds n ends. (if you have a slow connection, you may not get the pics)
  11. mudbutt

    Kobalt 11-Piece 3/8" Drive 12-Point Socket Set $10

    Your choice of SAE or metric. Free shipping to the store. I have no idea as to the quality of these. They are saying on Fatwallet that they are the same price in store. They are also saying there are a lot of great deals on other tools in store for father's day. If it shows the regular price...
  12. mudbutt

    20% off 1 item at REI for members

    On-line coupon.... Too bad I already got my new Pico chairs :( Ends May 30th
  13. mudbutt

    10 pc. GearWrench set, 30 bux....

    ....That's only 3 bux a wrench! YMMV.... SAE or metric. True Value Hardware. These look like the same wrenches sold at Sears.
  14. mudbutt

    Swedish surplus 6.5 gal. water jugs (used) $40 bux

    Just got this in my e-mail...
  15. mudbutt

    Anyone familiar with Utilitear?

    I just stumbled across them. Their website seems to be lacking. There's no way to contact them or prchase plans. Unless it's my browser. I'm thinking this might be something new on the market? I'm intrigued.
  16. mudbutt

    Pico Arm Chair $67.00

    Plus $10.00 shipping..... That's almost 1/3 to 1/2 off I think I'm getting 2.
  17. mudbutt

    PowerPlay 18 in 1 Multi Tool 25 bux shipped

    First I've heard of Paladin Tools... Looks like they partnered with SOG on this one. My wife bought me a SOG multi for christmas about 15 years ago. I've used/abused it and it still looks/functions like brand new. This multi looks like it's directed towards electricians? But it's got just...
  18. mudbutt

    Gerber MP450 Multi Tool and Paraframe Knife Combo $22

    Normally 40 bux....*7WaaTN6umc&sourceid=29754864603710603704
  19. mudbutt

    REI Camp Mini Kitchen on sale <50 bux
  20. mudbutt

    Handheld Garmin® eTrex Venture $70

    Reg. $169.99 Sale $119.99 After Mail-In Rebate $69.99 $50 Mail-In Rebate Good Through 2/8/2011