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  1. mudbutt

    Magellan eXplorist TRX7 - Anyone have experience with it yet?

    Rugged Radios just had a sale and I got one delivered for just over $400. I got the TRX-7 CS. The CS has a forward facing camera that takes pics and video. I haven't actually used it off road yet, but I will this weekend. But I have spent about 6 hours playing with it. Every time I turn it on I...
  2. mudbutt

    Edged Tools? What do you use?

    The Kershaw lives in my pocket. The cheapie survival knife lives in my Jeep...
  3. mudbutt

    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    Mine was manufactured in August of '95...
  4. mudbutt

    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    I'll check when I get home. BTW that picture is just one I pulled off the interwebs, mine has been well cared for and looks a bit cleaner than that.
  5. mudbutt

    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    Just a user, not a collector. I was lucky enough to receive a 200b in 95 as a Christmas gift from my wife. I didn't give it much thought other than "that's a really neat little lantern". It's been on too many camping trips to count and has never failed me. Just took it to Baja last Thanksgiving...
  6. mudbutt

    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    The second one just sold at $325.00!!!!
  7. mudbutt

    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    One of these just turned up on fleabay. Although there were a few scratches on the bottom lip of the tank, it was otherwise mint and never fired. It sold for north of $200.00. There is another I'm watching and so far it's at $160.00
  8. mudbutt

    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    Wow! There are some serious addicts....Er, I mean collectors here... The one piece of kit I refuse to leave at home when I'm camping... .
  9. mudbutt

    Tiny BBQ's. Any good ones? Worth bringing?

    I found one of these a couple years ago in a supermarket for like 12 bux (and that included charcoal). Thought I'd only be able to use it one or two times and have used it probably 12 times since. I'm sure it will last another 10 years or more. It will easily fit a good sized steak, three to...
  10. mudbutt

    I just need to boil water for coffee, what stove?

    Doesn't get much better than this:
  11. mudbutt

    12V LED camp kitchen lights

    I have a pair of these: They are not dimmable, but they are inexpensive. I put self-adhesive velcro on them and in a couple different spots inside my...
  12. mudbutt

    GoSun Solar Cookers

    OUCH.... I've always wanted to build a solar oven. For no reason other than the "Hey, that's nifty" factor...
  13. mudbutt

    Roof rack finish

    Ace hardware sells wrinkle finish spray paint. Sorry I can't remember what brand it was tho... It's what I used on my roof rack 6 years ago, and it's held better than I expected. No rust anywhere...
  14. mudbutt

    Ammo can idea thread

  15. mudbutt

    Overland XJs Unite!

    When you click reply, a window opens up at the bottom of the page. If you look at the menu bar at the top of the window, click the third icon from the left that looks like a picture in a frame. That will allow you to choose pictures from your computer... HTH...
  16. mudbutt

    Nice little 'free' 1st Aid bag

    Got one last night at the Irvine store. It was on an aisle end cap near the pharmacy's 1st aid goods. Looks like they had a bout a dozen left.
  17. mudbutt

    Nice little 'free' 1st Aid bag

    Just got out of a chat session w/Target. Apparently they are out of stock all over...
  18. mudbutt

    Nice little 'free' 1st Aid bag

    What area of the store did you find this in? I looked in Sporting Goods, Automotive, and the first aid aisle near the pharmacy. Found nothing. The kind folks at customer service were clueless. I tried to order on line with in-store pick-up, and even though the web page says they have plenty in...
  19. mudbutt

    Gidget Trailer from OZ

    A lot of innovation in that little trailer. My only concern would be water intrusion on the slide-out after a year or two of use.
  20. mudbutt

    Plastic and plastic welding

    Delrin is not only very expensive, it is also toxic above it's melting point.