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    Want OE jeep rims 16"

    What models came with 16's as stock? would need to be the older 5 on 4.5 pattern. i would love to find a set of TJ rubi rims but they are scarce now days.
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    I feel like a newb: lift for 255/85 required XJ

    I hate for even having to ask this, but what would be the minimum required to install 255's under the XJ If i have to bang the fenders up a little to fit thats fine, but i do not want to do massive trimming. saw a XJ saturday running 35s and as tempting and sexy as that looks its just too big...
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    NathanT78's "Project Princess"

    2000 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 4.0 Auto 120k on it when bought Dana 30/Chy 8.25 3.55 gears To take a bone stock 2000 Cherokee and drive anywhere in the country, camp and make it home in 1 piece. armor front, rear, sliders roof rack front and rear axle locked and loaded bulletproof steering platform...
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    93 cruiser high mileage

    I found a 93 model that i absolutely want...but it has 251k on the ticker. would that be too high of mileage for it? what would i need to look at? price is good, its local to me. i want to go look at it tomorrow badly. if i decide to not get it or if they dont accept my bid ill pass the info on...
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    Thinking about jumping in a 4runner

    I am thinking about get a 2nd gen runner. I know about the head gasket issue and changing timing belts. Anything else i should look at? found a 93 runner with 156k on it, emailed owner and said that head gasket had been done (will verify with dealer once i get the vin) its a 4wd (of course) auto...