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    Solar charge controller?

    Hi all, for the past 2 years now I've been slowly building our solar system for our camper. I initially purchased a Renolgy 100W starter kit (Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit w/ 100W Solar Panel + 30A PWM Negative ground Charge Controller) Next purchase another 100W...
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    TRED Pro works!!

    So I picked up a set of TRED Pro's way back in December from Lucky8 during their sale. Tossed them in the back of my LR4 and thats where they have sat, still wrapped in the packaging since then. Over the weekend we were traveling from Monterey, CA South and decided to stay a night on Pismo...
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    New family member!

    Meet our newest family member. It’s a 2013 LR4 HSE with the HD package (locking diff). We are super excited to have found the perfect replacement for our 08’ LR3 which served us well for 192K Miles! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Moving from LR3 to RRS

    Hi all, so we've got a lot of issues piling up on our LR3 right now, the primary one being the Air suspension. With close to 200K miles on it we are considering moving onto another vehicle. We've loved our LR3 and it has served us well for 6 years and over 170K miles that we've put on it. The...
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    Best repair shop in Moab, UT

    Hi all, is there a good shop in Moab that is familiar with Land Rovers? I have an 08'LR3 that is down to the bump stops. Air suspension has completely failed. I've checked all fuses related to the EAS and DSC and they check out good. I'm suspecting the compressor but really have no idea and I'm...
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    Rover event in Moab this weekend? (10-27-17)

    Hi all, I’m camping here in Moab and while driving through town I noticed a hotel had a sign up that said “welcome Land Rover”. Anyone know of an event here this weekend? Maybe they just like Land Rovers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    IID Gap BT tool questions

    Hi all, I've had my LR3 for almost 6 years now and it has 190K miles on it. I've been using lift rods for all those years as well, installing and removing as needed. Last month when removing one of the rear rods I finally did it, I snapped the plastic arm on the sensor. Anyway, for a number of...
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    Eclipse photo's

    Who got to see the Eclipse? We were camped out in the National Forest outside of Sun Valley Idaho. It was a pretty cool experience for sure. Anyone else get photo's?
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    Dead Battery advice

    Hi all we are camped out and my battery is dead on my LR3. I think my 3yr old was playing around in there! Anyway, I'm trying the only option I can think of. I've got jumper cables running from my deep cycle camper battery over to my Rover battery and I've got the generator going to keep my...
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    Milky Way shot

    This was my first attempt at capturing it. We are set up for a week just outside Sun Valley Idaho. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Drone footage of Broken Arrow trail Sedona, AZ

    We are currently out here and the other evening we took our Land Rover out for a spin on the Broken Arrow trail. My 11yr old flew his DJI Mavic while we all enjoyed the sight's! Here is a link to the video:
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    Costa Rica in a Land Rover Defender 110

    We just finished up 6 amazing days driving down (and back up) the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. We contacted Nomad America who rents out 4X4 vehicles and they met us in Liberia once we landed with our fully outfitted Defender 110. It had RTT, all camping gear and a winch that thankfully we never...
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    DSLR question

    Hi All, I'm an amateur photographer. I have a Pentax K10D currently and just started shooting in RAW and using Lightroom to edit about 6 months ago. I'm having a lot of fun with all of this. My question is that I've actually had this K10D for years just shooting JPG. As a beginner would I see...
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    LR3 Oil Pan bolt trouble!

    Well, yesterday turned into a disaster. We've been traveling now for 7 months towing our camper with our 08' LR3. We are currently in Burlington, WA and luckily camping in a friends driveway. I had the oil changed at a quick lube shop back in Eureka, CA and just came due for another now so I...
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    Pacific NW

    In our continuing trip up the Pacific Coast we found Cape Blanco State Park. Out of the campground they have a road that leads to the beach and you can go for a drive! Follow our adventures at
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    Paradise Royal Loop - Lost Coast, CA

    Hi all, we are planning to hit this area sometime in May. Currently we are in So Cal working our way up the coast. Has anyone been to this area? Sounds pretty amazing. Specifically we are looking for camping info. I see it is BLM land. Is there dispersed camping there by the trail? We are towing...
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    LR3 emergency "fixes"

    Well, it's been a rough few weeks traveling in our 08' LR3. I won't bore you with the details but we've had 2 major problems. 1)Parking brake malfunctioned and was locked on. 2) Vehicle would not shift out of park. What I've learned is there are work arounds in the system for these problems...
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    Dealer Advice - Parking brake

    Hi All, so I'll try to make this long story short. Several months ago I did the rear brakes on my 08' LR3. I screwed up the parking brake adjustment and the shoes on the passenger side ground into the rotor, and trashed the system. I removed the damaged shoes and all hardware and drove it like...
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    Costa Rica and beyond

    I posted this in the "In progress adventures" but thought I'd put it here as well because we are always traveling as a family, myself, wife 10yr old and 18mo old Son's. Hi all, Happy Thanksgiving! We are a couple of weeks into our winter travels, chasing warm temp's, surfing and cycling...
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    Costa Rica and more

    Hi all, Happy Thanksgiving! We are a couple of weeks into our winter travels, chasing warm temp's, surfing and cycling. Currently we are in Tamarindo Costa Rica. We'll be here through December 10th then fly home to Colorado to pick up our camper. From there it's Sedona, AZ, Tucson,AZ and onto So...