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    argument in favor of gen 1 over other options

    today, by a chance our swamper happened to stage a john deer 825, series utv, next to my gen 1 if the pic loads, u will see the montee , except for the rear bumper is the same length, is but 6 inches wider, has the same wheel base as the Deere. so, as I've always known my montee is simply the...
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    needed! Gen. 3 steering dimensions

    please help if u are able. I assume the gen 3 has rack and pinion steering. would a kind soul be kind enough to get me the following dimension? the overall distance from tie rod end to tie rod end, outer to outer, with wheels in the strait forward position, the purpose , if it's important, is...
  3. R final decision

    I have in my possession the skill, tools, and time to repower montee. she is a gen 1 with the almighty , but lac-luster 6g73. a fine enine but too modest to really bark. and the godawful and dead nuts reliable asain transmission is a dream except what little power the feeble 6 puts out is...
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    my gen 1 odyssey.

    my lovely gen 1 sat neglected through the winter with plywood on the roof rack to shield from the rain.I spent the winter in the dubious weather of the anza borrego in a , get this, 2wd diesel foRd from 1985. I came back to oregon determined to sell or eliminate every darn piece of iRon...
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    power steering box. gen 2

    guys, did u ever evperience a box that will block the power steering fluid from passing through? this gen 1 has a 94 box on it. power steering has been weak always. I just rebuilt the pump, as the kit is more redaily available thsn the pump. no change. the only thing I can imagine is a...
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    4d56 injection pump shut off

    diesel guys. my pajero, which I bought non op. has a fuel pump issue. Won't stay running. tell me please about the fuel shut off mechsnism. there is no visible solonoid under the intercooler. I just think is poor presdure. it ryes on starter crank but will not continue on its own for very long...
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    craigslist portland find gen 1
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    98 blister fender in Portland $300.00 hi All i have been away a while up in the north woods, pushing motor grader for the feds. The Forum problem child has returned. i just blew back into town and on craigslist i found this nice looking blister...
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    Gne 1 suspension upgrade whacked camber numbers like...8 degrees

    completed my gen 2 suspension upgrade today . this has been a slow process..even for me. changed my mind several times , lost my mind a few more times, thought about packing a few essentials and moving to the islands ,,,usual stuff. finally finished today and not in a pleasant way. im just...
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    im needing alignment spec for a gen1 and gen2 5 door models does anyone have a factory book on this? thanks David
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    anyone else have problems with axle swaps?

    gen 2 r.h. axle onto gen one inner axle. bolts misaligned by roughly2mm. common problem? i just have not heard about? my solution is to remove inner axle and rotate outer axle cup and bore new holes. is there a better solution? ive had actually quite a few little issues like this on the...
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    please help me sort out control arm compatibility

    willl gen 2 uppers live with gen 1 lowers or?...
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    re power questions especially 4g63

    as i have mentioned in other posts, i am on layoff for a while-with waaay too much time on my hands, i'm conjuring all kind of modifications and "upgrades"? to my poor montee. she is patient and only winces a bit when i pull a blooper-but i cant leave my hands off her... anyhoo... coil over...
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    for those retrofitting a gen 1 with gen 2 suspension goodies....

    just FYI if you have new gen 1 shocks as i do, and are not in a mood to buy gen 2 shocks when you change out your control arms... you can modify the gen 1's to fit. the base shock attachemnt of a gen 1 is a hollow tube squished and stamped for a nothch on each end. simply cut off the squished...
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    blister fender for parts in oregon -.sw washington
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    gen 1 and maybe gen 2 front diff mounts and musings.

    tonite i crawled under my gen 1, and i looked for the first time at the job ahead. as i am replacing the entire front end of my gen 1. the diff mounts differently bewtteen the two generations of monteros. the arms out front on my gen 1 are different than the gen 2 ; i had been warned about this...
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    Engine swap/ transmission / air shift ideas

    Hey guys i promise i be finished pestering this board in about 30 days when we go back to work. but for now i'm back... with yet another looney but possibly clever idea. i have a gen one, a V43 i believe. i'm a very capable mechanic with amazing resources at my disposal. background. the...
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    real pretty blister fender montee in eugene oregon c.l.
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    lunchbox-ers any opinions experiences with the many brands?

    lunch box lockers. Aussi locker etc. what has worked for you? i believe that when i get mine installed i will run one splined cap on passenger side, and a locking hub on drivers side. on my new high pinion gen 2 differential, i have disabled the vacuum set up and permanently locked in my long...
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    Gen1 question again...this time radiator.

    im a bore , a whore, and a hog here on the forum lately. but im elbows deep into this upgrade and i need as much input as i can get. Someone in my dim-memoried past, mentioned here that the Gen 2 radiator will fit the Gen 1 body with an "ish" tag. as in: "it will fit --ish" im at radiator...