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  1. robert

    02 Taco for $17k...this is getting out of hand.

    My '05 looks better than that and has more options- I'd be happy to sell it for $18.5 to put towards a 4Runner.
  2. robert

    One Man Trail - Solo Adventuring in a 2018 Tacoma DCLB

    Wish I had your fabricating skills- and that black car.
  3. robert

    Installing lift on my own?

    Doable but definitely easier with two people, even if just to act as a runner- it makes the time go by faster too. You might post where you are and see if any locals are having a work day or want to come help- a 4Runner specific forum may get more responses than here though.
  4. robert

    Rear ladder gear bag

    Gotta admit, not what I was expecting- that looks really nice and well thought out! If that's your first attempt I can't imagine what your second will look like.
  5. robert

    Gun for gx460 secret trap door

    I've actually got one; I picked it up after getting a Yugo underfolder then thinking it might be nice to be able to remove the stock easily. Both stocks are sitting in one of my parts boxes and I still need to get the receiver engraved. LOL
  6. robert

    Gun for gx460 secret trap door

    I've got both for mine muzzle devices for mine (and SBR'd it but can't decide which stock I want to add). Definitely a fun gun to shoot and I'd recommend one any day.
  7. robert

    Gun for gx460 secret trap door

    A Dremel cutting wheel will make short work of that weld on the thread protector then you can put a different muzzle attachment on it that will help direct some of the blast forward; they're still loud and though. ;) (These new smilies suck!) There are a couple of manufactures making easy...
  8. robert

    Ford Patents An SUV Lift Gate Curtain

    Why not just get one of the SlideRite or Recmar aluminum curtain rails/tracks and bend it to fit your hatch? Easy to attach and you just buy whatever kind of sliders you want and whatever curtain you want.
  9. robert

    Single wall metal coffee mug with spillproof lid

    I was in Wal-Mart the other day picking up some clearanced priced ammo (gotta love $15 for a case of 250 00 buck) and they had some of their Ozark Trail cups with spill-proof lids- I think they were like $7. I've got two of their insulated cups that both fit in the cup-holders in my truck and...
  10. robert

    Need portable power for my CPAP machine

    I've got the same machine as the OP as of two weeks ago and yep, it's 24v and you need one of Resmed's cables, not a generic, as it requires a "handshake" to operate. Resmed is very proud (overly so I'd say) of their stuff and they don't play well with other manufacturers. I've been...
  11. robert

    Gun for gx460 secret trap door

    You don't have enough depth for a folding stock/brace but what about a collapsing one? There's also guns like the CZ Scorpion Evo and the Sig MPX that have collapsing braces available for them. Some examples on SB Tactical's website but there are other manufactures as well including the...
  12. robert

    Gun for gx460 secret trap door

    You know Ruger is making another 9mm carbine right? It'll take Ruger mags or Glock mags and it's a take down with Magpul rumored to be making one of their backpacker stocks for it. I have yet to see one in person so no idea what size it...
  13. robert

    Mini Bike Camping

    I reeally want one of these to play with now but I don't have anywhere to ride one other than my best friend's farm/hunting property. There's a well used one in front of the pawn shop next to the local supermercado I shop at occasionally but they want $500 for it. LOL You can buy them new for...
  14. robert

    Mushroom Encounter while Camping

    My botany professor used to say that. He was really interested in wild edibles of all types and he had no problems at all in discussing psilocybins. He was perfectly willing to show us how to identify them and would identify anything you brought to his office.
  15. robert

    Closet cleaning w/ GPS, camping gear, knives, holsters

    The driver/software in the GPS is up to date but the maps are not, it does not have the lifetime maps.
  16. robert

    Closet cleaning w/ GPS, camping gear, knives, holsters

    To be honest I don't know much about iPhones. I know the plug fit in older flip phone styles (like the Motorola I had); lots of the older phones had a port on the back, usually over the antenna, that took a small, push-in style barrel type plug for an external antenaa. These were discontinued...
  17. robert

    Closet cleaning w/ GPS, camping gear, knives, holsters

    It’s time to clean out the closet and get rid of some of the gear I don't use. I've got pictures I can send but don't currently have an image hosting service after the photobucket debacle. All items are in SC, shipping outside of CONUS please contact me so I can figure out what it costs...
  18. robert

    Mini Bike Camping

    Definitely need a trip report when you go- I love doing goofy things like this and would love to try it. I'd probably ditch the headlight for an LED light. Make sure you lube the cables and such, it'd suck to have one snap and rarely do big box store assembly monkeys use a torque wrench or...
  19. robert

    Worth it?

    I priced them after I'd already gotten my shell and they're like $400/each. I'd get the windoor version that has the screened sliding windows if you have dogs or you think you may ever sleep in the back; also handy when you toss wet paddling gear back there- ARE calls them Outdoorsman Vented...
  20. robert

    Worth it?

    I regret the hell out of not getting the sliding screened windoors. It cost a lot more to add them later if you should decide you want them. I also wish I'd gotten the mid-height like I'd planned on originally and also the drop down front slider window which would make cleaning between the cab...