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    DIY Shower Water Basin Write-up

    Nice one! I like it! I use old fashion bar soap. I've never thought about whether or not that's eco friendly or not. I always simply assumed it was...
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    Fold out RTT with hard shell when closed?

    Sounds like the Bundyflip is what you are after.
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    Cracks on James Baroud Evasion

    I’m following game of thrones and this thread. This thread has the meanest cliff hangers ☹️
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    Anything changing with James Baroud?

    The sail strip rail is pretty standard. You may have to find one to better match your tent and then figure out where exactly to mount it but that shouldn't be that big of an issue. I think the tunnel itself is a bit of a faff though, not particularly impressed. I do like the awning though, I'd...
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    Anything changing with James Baroud?

    I quite like the look of that awning. Any pics of the bag?
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    Bundutop Anyone???

    I know 3 people with Bundutops and they have all had a lot of issues with them. Everyone has had different issues as well so it's not the same problem that keeps popping up. It feels like they never progressed beyond the prototype stage.
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    Roof Top Tents and wind

    Here in Ireland high winds is a very common problem so from experience hard shell roof tents are the best. Soft, or clamshell, tents are terrible. Most ground tents are pretty bad too. The key is the tent material being completely taught. This will reduce wind noise but it will not eliminate it...
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    New ARB Fridge bad bad bad,

    Show us now, on the doll, where exactly ARB touched you. Talk about overreaction! 😂
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    Making a cup of coffee stormy mornings

    When you go away for a couple of days you don't really want to be holed up in your tent. I've a hard shell rtt so it's a pretty small space. The car doesn't have much room left in it either with all the gear so also not a nice place to spend the weekend. Because it's "normal" doesn't mean it's...
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    Making a cup of coffee stormy mornings

    Whatever tickles your fancy. I have coffee in the morning and tea in the evening.
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    Making a cup of coffee stormy mornings

    Thanks for the effort guys but I'm still holed up in the car or the tent with the suggestions.
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    Making a cup of coffee stormy mornings

    Here in Ireland we're at the mercy of very high winds at times. The weather can change several times throughout the night and it's not uncommon to wake up to a full blown storm outside the tent. We have a JB hard shell tent so in the tent wind isn't really a problem. So it's a case of bolt out...
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    Howling Moon 270 Awning

    I have the HM Swing Awn 2m. I also have the walls. The awning itself is excellent. Really sturdy construction, nice thick fabric. I love that the legs are built in. I rarely use the legs though. The bag is pretty **** to be honest with you. I think Stevie Wonder may have done the stitching. I...
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    Garmin Drivetrack 71

    I'm currently looking at this device as well. Did you find any more info about it?
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    Awning room with wood stove

    Interested but a bit worried the spark arrestor won't work 100% and I'll put a bunch of holes in my roof tent 😬
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    Building A Defender 90 Into An Expedition Truck

    Amazing build! You are giving me many ideas for my own 90!
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    privacy tents\shower tents feedback

    I actually just pulled the trigger and bought a Quick-Pitch Ensuite from Drifta. My bank account is currently not talking to me but we will kiss and make up soon I hope.
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    JB Owners Question

    I don't know if I have a newer or older version of the evasion than you but I don't have the long strap at the back, I only have a short strap at the rear right hand side corner so it doesn't flap about in the wind.
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    Portable diesel heater from Total Composites

    Really? Is this yours? The intake air to both the combustion chamber and the heat chamber for the vehicle are both inside the box. This is not only contrary to manufacturer instructions but a sure way to get exhaust fumes into the tent. The version in the linked video use fresh air from...
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    Portable diesel heater from Total Composites

    There should be a vent on the side of the box as well and the instructions call for one but It's not overheating anyway. Or what other flaws have you?