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  1. Lemsteraak

    Budget Hard Shell RTT from Alibaba

    Wow, maybe they have Rolex watches too. Interesting, I wonder if that is the real cost of a knock off? It is interesting that they are copying an old North American version of the Maggiolina Airland. The European version is blue, AutoHome's color they use for expedition tents.
  2. Lemsteraak

    Which roof top tent????

    I'm with James, and don't see the advantage of an alloy roof. Yes, it may be more resistant to puncture but I'm much prefer repairing fiberglass to aluminum. White fiberglass is great, it reflects heat and doesn't absorb it. Weight is a critical factor, if you have anything over 150 pounds...
  3. Lemsteraak

    Autohome Air Top and Columbus Variant (any in Vancouver, Canada?)

    This may sound harsh but you may just need to pick up a phone and call them. May be relatively high tech roof tents but it is an old school company. I had lunch with Mike who runs the company a couple weeks ago and he said that they are running flat out. Had a big display at SEMA, I saw...
  4. Lemsteraak

    Autohome Air Top and Columbus Variant (any in Vancouver, Canada?)

    I apologize, I need to correct my previous post. I shot AutoHome an email and Mike got right back to me, over the weekend even. They have been making huge (to me) investments to meet demand and have over 150 tents in stock for this season. He said the crew came over from Italy and they had a...
  5. Lemsteraak

    Autohome Air Top and Columbus Variant (any in Vancouver, Canada?)

    Yes, it appears AutoHome has addressed more windows with their new "360", that might be what you are looking for. Personally, I've always preferred the crank up system as long as I have an extra crank handle, easy to lose. My guess is that AutoHome here in the US is on allocation so they are...
  6. Lemsteraak

    Autohome Air Top and Columbus Variant (any in Vancouver, Canada?)

    Don't be so tough on AutoHome, it is probably difficult for them to just answer their emails. Personally, I don't like it when vendors monitor a discussion, it colors it. We are lucky we don't have to import these direct from Italy, you don't want to see what a box looks like if it wasn't...
  7. Lemsteraak

    Autohome Air Top and Columbus Variant (any in Vancouver, Canada?)

    Good point, the Maggiolina's mattress is a little thicker and the roof when closed is a little higher. It is a better cold weather tent, you need the extra cushion when it is cold. I've found the ACS mat from AutoHome is something special, from Germany. It is only about 1/2 inch thick and...
  8. Lemsteraak

    Roofnest's new Sandpiper Rooftop Tent

    Maybe I can offer a suggestion?, well more like opinion .... unsolicited, I know. If you want to keep the height low to get inside garages, you want the middle of the tent to be the highest part. If you look at the approach angles to get into most garages, driveways are sloped down for...
  9. Lemsteraak

    Painting / Protecting Maggiolina Extreme RTT

    I'd highly recommend sticking with the white gelcoat, it is really durable. Wax it once a year with 3M fiberglass polish and that is it. If the gelcoat gets really oxidized then wet sand with an ultra fine sandpaper to flatten and again fiberglass polish. The gelcoat is really thick. It is a...
  10. Lemsteraak

    Anti-condensation mat?

    I'm working on a fiberglass boat that will be heading to Alaska. Because the water is so cold, condensation is a concern. Kicking ideas around with a buddy up there and he recommended that I line the hull with sheet cork which I thought is a brilliant idea. Cork is natural and anti-fungal as...
  11. Lemsteraak

    Maggiolina changing room question

    The "changing room" and "verandah" are real specialty items, kind of bit at odds with the concept of a Maggiolina. The main benefit of their roof tents are they can be set up, and struck very quickly. If you have a problem in one place, 30 second and you are gone. We used to clip in a Moss...
  12. Lemsteraak

    Autohome Columbus XL Install Question

    That should support the tent well. The Yakima towers have a very sharp edge on top where the alloy casting goes over the bar. Since you have a very wide tent, this will be in contact with the bottom of the tent. I used to file the edge so it had a softer contour. You can also put a piece of...
  13. Lemsteraak

    RTT and Roof Weight Question

    I think you may be overthinking the problem. If I'm not mistaken, the concern is weight, a platform is weight. Back in the old days roof tents were designed for platforms and by redesigning the mounting system and tent base it was found that a platform wasn't needed, saving over 100 pounds of...
  14. Lemsteraak

    Autohome Columbus Variant Fit Kit-which bars?

    AutoHome works closely with Thule so they are probably the preferred bars. Their fit kit if I remember right is designed to fit with rain gutter style feet so just about any bar designed for rain gutters should also work. My personal favorite is Quick n Easy, they make die cast alloy feet so...
  15. Lemsteraak

    RTT and Roof Weight Question

    ATX, you are wise to ask these questions about weight on the roof of the vehicle. Doesn't matter what you load up there, kayaks or roof tents, it all affects handling. The rule of thumb by the sport bar rack manufacturers Thule and Yakima is 165 pounds as their maximum, and this includes the...
  16. Lemsteraak

    roof top tent history

    I think 1958 was when the fiberglass shelled tent was first made, the Maggiolina. Air-Camping predated this by a long time. They say it was made in Italy since 1959 but I believe it was made in Switzerland since the 30's. Had an old fellow tell me all about his ancient tent...
  17. Lemsteraak

    Hardshell RTT -- how heavy is too heavy?

    You are wise to take weight into account. You would be fine with a big heavy tent up there but would you be happy? You have to decide whether you plan to leave the tent on full time and how long your journeys are. I'm of the camp that the lighter the tent, the better and am willing to pay the...
  18. Lemsteraak

    Maggiolina replacement flyscreen

    Shouldn't be a big deal. Replacement screens are available from the factory. Sometimes folks will make special screens for conditions the plan to encounter, notably no-see-um lands. The factory mesh is a medium screen so the little vampires can wiggle through. They can't fly through but land...
  19. Lemsteraak

    Custom RTT Mattress?

    A mattress is no easy thing to decide on. You want it light as they tend to be one of the heaviest component in the tent's construction. You also want it comfortable, which tends to make them heavy. Polyurethane foam is the norm forr most roof tent mattresses but a lot of folks aren't too...
  20. Lemsteraak

    storing a flip-top soft RTT on edge - comments/concerns?

    What exactly are you going to hurt?