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    Webbing / Strap Question

    The strap type will in part be dictated by what hardware/use you intend for it..different locking mechanisms work best with different straps.. or maybe there won't be any locking mechanisms in which case you can overlook some of the strap characteristics.
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    fastening to aluminum square tubing

    A hole is not a hole is not a hole and fasteners do matter.. a lot. But is it beyond the scope of this particular project?
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    Webbing / Strap Question

    NRS straps are the best I have found. Perfect surface texture, stiff enough and strong. I've used a few others including some made in USA, and they pale in comparison.. twisty, difficult to feed, difficult to get tight. Made in China, but what can you do.
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    Trasharoo alternatives

    5 gal bucket with good lid.
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    Outdoor gear lab review of best camping stoves, 2019

    Partner stoves are nice, but there is a fair bit of irrational exuberance regarding them when price is factored in. They will last forever, but have some quirks that cheap stoves mostly don't. They are loud as hell, the windscreens and cover blow over spectacularly if a gust comes from behind...
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    is the 1st gen tundra one of the best platforms

    I had an 06 DC for many years and recently found a cream puff 08 double cab (not CrewMax), and the 08 is much nicer. Way better turning radius (but less room in back seats), shorter nose, way better stock rear suspension doesn't need air bags as readily as first gen, rear shock mounts many times...
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    $35,000 ??

    I had a 73 for my first car and moded it pretty heavy for wheeling. Perfect rig for dumb young guy... total pos regardless of condition. Great for photoshoots and getting a latte.
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    2019 Tundra

    Guarantee when they do finally do a redesign, the older gens will be quite sought after worts and all. Already happening with gen 1.
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    Doka Syncro, Unimog firetruck, VW syncro camper for sale near me

    I'm stunned that Doka isn't going for a lot more....
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    Is Mountain Biking the Biggest Threat to New Wilderness Designations?

    The hard truth is the mtn bike community has lost its way from the beginnings... lets say early 80's for discussion sake. At that time the sport was much more 'granola' and integrated with nature. It was a fantastic new (to most) way to get out in it and explore. Early ads for Shimano had dudes...
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    2006 SR5 Maroon Tundra DC in MT 13k obo

    172xxx miles. I am the second owner (bought at 50k), it's been in same location it's whole life. All regular/scheduled maintenance done. Bilstein 5100's all around, air bags in back with Daystar craddles, on board compressor, spray in bed liner. Older Glasstite tall topper a bit cosmetically...
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    Coleman Gemini PowerPack - Alternative to large propane tanks

    I refilled for a while, but it's a marginal pita process, and what killed it for me was the realization that the valves/seals on the 1 lb bottles aren't made to last through multiple uses. Fwiw, if you pierce the bottles, they can be recycled. Apply common sense when doing so.
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    1986 Gulf Stream Toyota Conquest

    Hey, more reliable than Synchro and doesn't tip over like a Unimog.:LOL:
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    Coleman Gemini PowerPack - Alternative to large propane tanks

    A 5lb would make more sense.. more gas, about the same size, refillable, better valve (less chance of leaking).
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    Partner stove mod.. piezo ignition

    Zero issues with mine. Probably couple hundred hrs of cook time, half that with heavy/large cast iron in the summer. The whole stove got hot enough that I placed it on cork pads so it didn't screw the table up.
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    Certified Pre-Owned EarthCruiser For Sale

    Yeah.. I totally would have bought it if it had better pics.:rolleyes:
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    Using a Yeti backwards?

    Beer in cans is pretty resistant to freezing depending on how much alch and sug are in it, but even Coors is surprisingly resistant. Constant 24 hr 32 degrees will not freeze beer in cans. No chance of that happening in the SW the next number of wks. If it were iffy, simply opening the cooler...
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    Using a Yeti backwards?

    You could just move on and ignore a post.
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    Using a Yeti backwards?

    'Southwest deserts'