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    Sprinter Conversion Company Choices

    In Portland Oregon you can find ZenVanz Bryan and Jen are long-time EXPO members. They've recently expanded their business into van conversions. Check out their blog for a look at how they designed their own van.
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    Opinions on methods to carry 4 bikes on a 4Runner?

    One more thought, the price of racks can easily exceed the cost of some the bikes they are meant to transport. If you are going somewhere developed it might be more fiscally responsible to try and rent bikes for a few days at your destination.
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    Opinions on methods to carry 4 bikes on a 4Runner?

    I have a couple Yakima FrontLoader racks on the top of my Subaru Outback and I really regret going with a roof mount setup. There is nothing easy about trying to balance a 30lb bike upright by one hand held on to the bottom bracket while attempting to manipulate straps and lock bars with the...
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    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    :rolleyes: Grant, consider following (or retracting) the feedback you posted earlier in this thread.!?p=1995421#post1995421
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    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    Not mine but I thought the pictures of the Subaru's built by LP Adventure in Quebec would be appreciated here.
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    Does it Exist? Newer AWD Tall-Wagon Van Thing You can Sleep In

    That's a tall order. A Volkswagen Vanagon or Doka with a Subaru motor swap might check all those boxes but are demanding a crazy high resale value right now. New: MB Sprinter is available in 4x4 but the price is steep ($50K+) Used: Chevy Express was...
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Experiences?

    If you like the GZ infrastructure and have the coin to buy more, adding a Yeti seems like a good choice.
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    Overland OBS (OutBack Sport) Build

    I had both an '02 and '03 Impreza wagon, both with Grabber AT2 tires (which are a great tire). I also wanted to do a Forester lift but didn't have time to source the parts and go through the chore or getting the wheels re-centered in the wheel well. I ended up just going with a strut spacer...
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    Subaru Dual Battery Setups

    The GZ350 w/ inverter weighs about 25lb so it's not particularity heavy but saving weight is never a bad idea. A spent a few minutes looking at LiFePo4 batteries and couldn't find a 12v, 60Ah for $300. Can you post a link? I did find a 12V, 32Ah for $400 or you could combine three 20ah batteries...
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    Subaru Dual Battery Setups

    Really? I only recommended the OP go with a stand alone, rather than hardwired, battery. I've had good luck with the GZ350 but there are other stand alone options. Still, if you can put together a better package for $300 please post a shopping list. Your first post in this thread was a...
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    Subaru Dual Battery Setups

    McGee: I think the only thing you may have missed is Grant's internet wide self-proclamation that he's the expert in anything associated with “overlanding” (aka camping) and Subaru. Consequently, his build is the gold standard, his ideas are patent worthy and his word is not to be...
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    Subaru Dual Battery Setups

    Most of the discussion on here about adding a second battery focus on hard wiring it into the vehicle since the battery will be used to power items like a winch or aux lights which are affixed to the vehicle. Since you only want to power a fridge, which can be removed, I think a stand alone...
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    Wagonofdoom - 2015 Outback build

    I'm really not trying to be mean but....really? Looking at your Flickr account which provided dates, locations, and additional context to the select pictures you posted above it looks like, starting in 2013 you went on a half-dozen or so overnight camping trips, primarily just a few KM outside...
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    Wagonofdoom - 2015 Outback build

    Grant, I like that you're willing to try something different, pioneer new ground and commit the time to document the journey. I hope you keep it up. All that being said, I wonder about your claim of being a frequent overlander. Attempts to define "overlanding" have inspired at least a few...
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    Forester: ExPo Subaru Project

    The image file name indicates a failed radiator is to blame.
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    ARB fridge. Goal Zero Extreme 350 Power Pack

    I tried three batteries from Battery Mart which were all very closely sized to the original RA12-33 and none of them actually fit. They were the SLA-12V35, SLA-12V35-INSERT and SLA-UB12350FR. Ended up ordering a replacement directly from Goal Zero. Using the promocode "FREESHIP5" it got down...
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    Goal Zero Extreme350 Battery Replacement

    Good info. For others who come accross this thread in search of battery replacement advice for their 350 be sure to also check out this thread. Related discussion starts at post #49.