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    Hand Winch worth it or no?

    Given your description of your current travels, a hand winch would get the job done. I have gone around on an electric winch for 8 years still do not have one. But I travel solo mostly so it is prey easy for me to say the road ends here to day, or get out and walk the road for 15 minutes...
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    Discovery 2

    Just to add the V8 cooling problems are pretty typical for aluminum engines, this is compounded by the idiot gauge on the dash it moves up once things are really bad not before. The simplest fix is buy a cheap Bluetooth ODB reader and pair it with a cell phone, it is handy when looking a trucks...
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    What are you using for a coffee maker and coffee brand when camping/overlanding?

    I travel alone for the most part the pour over has worked great. The filters are just paper, I keep an old plastic Folgers container to toss them into when I am done and either burn them or compost at home. I grind coffee at home for ease of use, although I have considered getting a hand...
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    Coupleing a hunting or fishing trip with overlanding

    Don't hunt but I fish, some days I do not get much further that 10- 20 km, stop at every lake and likely spot on a river and toss a line
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    Cross country trip rifle?

    Well the rules in Canada and the US are very different, in Canada handguns and almost everything AR based are a no go for you needs. For wildlife defense I carry a short 12 gauge, as I am often a few 100Km from cell service it is a nice all round choice. My go to is this little guy 14 inch...
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    2001 Discovery II input

    Try this forum instead a much better crowd Discovery II . And it is a used truck I took mine for 2 day off road trip after owing for all of 3 weeks. But has been noted maintenance is everything as with any vehicle you are taking to the back end of no where, I have had my Disco for 18 months...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    The easy part downhill, Up hill in the dark I needed to be winched
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    Don't Throw Your Life Away - Battling Marine Debris from Alaska to Panama

    Good job! hard work for sure but very satisfying when you get out. Solid plan with the branches to keep you up top once you got moving.
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    Don't Throw Your Life Away - Battling Marine Debris from Alaska to Panama

    Wow been there, as you found out the hard way beaches with dark spots are pretty iffy. Beaches are pretty marginal for recovery, lots of tow companies will not go past the access road the tow trucks are just too heavy. As you are traveling solo, I would suggest avoiding anything that looks...
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    9MM Pistol for bear protection?

    In Canada carry of a pistol is pretty much impossible. But a short barreled shotgun 14 inch barrel no problem, although it varies widely by province as some disallow firearms except when hunting. Alberta and BC no issue though. National and Provincial parks no firearms at all.
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    For those that carry Guns and Overlanding

    Smarter than most people give them credit for. They have been known to charge people so they drop their food and run, easy meal for them. I had a old fellow hear my truck, he went off the road, and kept a tree between his body and me and peeked around to keep an eye on me.
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    Disco 2 #vanlife build

    Nice same idea as mine simple but functional
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    Key piece of gear for Bear Country.

    Like DCH109 I travel all over BC and I have had no issues with bears of any type. But I also had to travel for a hour more than I wanted because camping area I wanted to use was a garbage pit with significant amounts of bear droppings. That said I carry both bear spray and a shotgun with...
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    What do you really NEED for overlanding

    Well late to the party - but make sure some one reliable knows your general route and when you will be back. If you plan to make a big deviation have a plan for letting that person know. I go 200 to 300 Km up miserable crappy FSR's for 4 or 5 days at least once a year. My wife always knows...
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    Are Alu-Box bear proof ?

    Pretty much make your camp "bear safe" Start simple check for bear sign before you setup if there is a lot of bear scat in the area move on. If the camp site has a a lot of garbage around same rule move on, odds are it will attract garbage bears Keep a clean camp - I know it sounds trite but...
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    ROAM West 2018

    I have traveled most of that route over the course of a seven day trip a few years ago. At that time it was very beautiful scenery and easily passable for a stockish R-50 Pathfinder. Post last years "epic" fire season the western portions could be interesting. I would like to attend but I do...
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    Share a photo of your dirty Landy

    kinda of frozen Not dirty but does frozen count
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    What are your Overland equipment must haves?

    In the Pacific NW - Canada side here so my needs would be different but I would not bother with the chainsaw, unless the area's you travel typically have a lot of blown down trees. A good hand saw will do for the small stuff. I will second having a back comms system, you may never need it...