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  1. redneck44

    80's E350 Quadravan Pathfinder what to look for?

    As per the title. I'm interested in an 86 E350 Quadravan Pathfinder that's up for sale locally. Anything to pay careful attention to, while looking it over? Anything to avoid? Any owners comments welcomed? Cheers
  2. redneck44

    Ural 4320 Go anywhere

    No affiliation etc etc someone buy it before I get tempted
  3. redneck44

    New vehicle time

    Time for a new vehicle. Criteria to take in to consideration- I'm in the UK, so something reasonably compact, with good mpg. Diesel, as gas prices are stupid here 4WD to get to those interesting places. Easy to drive, better half doesn't like driving the 110. Comfortable, see above. Good...
  4. redneck44

    6x6 Merc

    Anyone with deep pockets might like this
  5. redneck44

    Bringing a land rover to the U.S.

    I have tried searching but struggling to find up to date info. I really want to visit the U.S again and do a road trip for a few months, but back country/ off road this time. Being as I already have a land rover nearly fitted out for our needs, I figure that taking our vehicle over would be the...
  6. redneck44

    Fast and light Expo???

    I really need one of these......:sombrero: Be sure to check the video.
  7. redneck44

    Something a bit bigger than normal
  8. redneck44

    Back to the fold, ex-military 110

    Here we go again, only a 110 this time. Recently sold my RB44 to fund another project that didn't work out (yet), and the drive way was looking a little empty, so I picked up a 1990 ex mil 110 2.5 n/a diesel. Only this one has a little party trick up its sleeve that could come in useful for...
  9. redneck44

    Decision time Ford or Dodge

    Currently have a choice of '96 Dodge Ram 1500 extended cab 4wd 318 Gas, Lifted, standard bed or '86 Ford F250 extended cab 2wd 6.9 Oil burner unmolested, long bed Both are similar mileage and price, I'm looking for a D/D and toy hauler/camping vehicle, not so bothered about offroad as the u.k...
  10. redneck44

    RB44 For sale

    My Baby in the U.K.
  11. redneck44

    MAZ Expo rig?????

    These could make a nice expo/ end of world rig, not sure on the turning circle though:Wow1:
  12. redneck44

    RB 44 camper build......

    Not quite built, but got the camper shell started and the bed base fitted, three days so far, and counting.. Started like this......base vehicle is an RB44 made from bits of many vehicles for the U.K military. Added several tabs to the hoops to enable the build process, then fitted front...
  13. redneck44

    Access steps/ladder info / pics request

    Hi Newbie here from the U.K. Just starting a conversion of an RB44 (Reynolds boughton 44) I've been looking at the build threads for some time now, but I've seen very few pictures of the access ladders/steps for the camper body. I'm looking for steps rather than a ladder type as my dog needs...