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  1. Crazy Schooner

    Costco has a RTT

    Seems narrow but pretty neat Costco carries it. I'd buy one to try out if any of the Canadian chains pick them up.
  2. Crazy Schooner

    RTT, JB Discovery Space XXL, AH Columbus Variant or Roost?

    If all three options are within your budget and you did your research, I'd recommend going with the most convenient option. Which one can you buy local (or buy from a vendor and pick up in person). End of the day, these tents are pricey and I find none of them (I went through twelve or so...
  3. Crazy Schooner

    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    This is what you need then. I had this setup on my old ZR2. Element by RA Motorsports Bed Bars (they clamp onto the sides). The ones in the picture are steel but they are coming out with aluminum models and side braces to turn them into racks if needed. I had a Low Pro Tonneau cover on the setup...
  4. Crazy Schooner

    ROOF-TOP TENT - The SECRETS & Truth Must See FULL Review before You Buy

    Pretty much ^ plus they always have sales, no reason to spend msrp on the units. I wouldn't be surprised if they get their stuff from the same factory as Free Spirit Recreation if you look at their offerings. The Aspen hard shell they sell was tested by FSR but I can see they didn't decide to...
  5. Crazy Schooner

    New, Kodiak 2 man canvas tent and ARB 2500x2500 awning and wind break

    I was debating buying a Jeep earlier this week and would have needed a smaller tent to toss in the back. I decided against the Jeep, so I'm just going to stick with a larger model tent. Good luck on the sale!
  6. Crazy Schooner

    New, Kodiak 2 man canvas tent and ARB 2500x2500 awning and wind break

    What are you selling this for? Willing to ship?
  7. Crazy Schooner

    Autohome Air Top and Columbus Variant (any in Vancouver, Canada?)

    I owned both and would go with the Columbus variant. Having to open your vehicles doors to get access to the front of an Airtop is quite annoying when the weather isn't perfect. Due to the side load issue when pulling the top down, It's just awkward to close the front end of the RTT's that pop...
  8. Crazy Schooner

    Go Fast Campers- taught enough in winds?

    I was in the same boat as you regarding soft shell tents. The wind noise alone is why hardhsell tents are worth their weight. I had an alu-cab tent and slept in some crazy windy condtions. The tent was solid in that regard and if I buy another expensive RTT, I'd probably give GFC a try once...
  9. Crazy Schooner

    2016 Regular Cab Silverado 4X4

    Bed was too small and the only justification I had for getting a crew cab was getting a roof rack installed down the road. I changed those plans for my own reasons, and I didn't need a CC truck. I felt like I was driving a minivan, mixed with the fact I've seen guys on the forums have their oil...
  10. Crazy Schooner

    Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison, COMING SOON!

    I never had that problem with my Colorado. I found it much more comfortable compared to the Tacomas we have at work. I can't sit in a Tacoma for more then a few hours without needing to stretch my legs. The floor is too high, so my knees are always bent at a weird angle sitting in those things.
  11. Crazy Schooner

    2016 Regular Cab Silverado 4X4

    I ended up selling the truck. Picked up a Colorado ZR2 for three months and didn't like the CC/SB combo, plus a few other things. So I got rid of it, I'd consider another one but extended cab next time. Currently driving around in a RC/SB Sierra 4X4 that's lowered. Which still could...
  12. Crazy Schooner

    Treeline Aspen

    Some bought the Airtop off me soon after I picked it up. So I ended up not sleeping in it. I just set up, put my blankets in and laid down. The mattress on the Airtop was a tad smaller only because the corners were cut out to make room for the hinges. So less headroom for two people. When the...
  13. Crazy Schooner

    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    It was a Hannibal Impi that was pushing a decade old. Still worked awesome however, best quality tent I've owned and I had lots in a short period of time. Shame they no longer sell tents in N/A.
  14. Crazy Schooner

    Are there any true one person roof top tents on the market?

    This is a close match to what you are looking for, Autohome Overcamp
  15. Crazy Schooner

    Cracks on James Baroud Evasion

    Authome cracks just the same. I had one, and it had these little cracks on the side, only tent fibreglass tent I ever owned that didn't crack was a Hannibal Impi, that was an old (10+ years) model and was built like a tank.
  16. Crazy Schooner

    Random RIG Shots

    Not sure yet. I was hankering to lift it and other things. Waiting to see how GM handles the airbag fiasco before I decide which route to go on this truck. Short term, ditch the canopy, and get a bed rack/tonneau.