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  1. Christian P.

    Dakar Rally heading to Saudi Arabia.

    Well I am sure glad I had the chance to see it in Peru last year...
  2. Christian P.

    Toyota HIACE diesel 4x4 5speed Space Shelter Camper

    Someone here needs to buy this..
  3. Christian P.

    From a Syncro to a TroopCarrier...

    Having spent 5 years myself driving a TroopCarrier around the world, and having had a few Syncro's, I can relate to this story...
  4. Christian P.

    Toyota Tacoma 4x4 2016 Overland Motorhome

    Interesting! Apparently the third one they build:
  5. Christian P.

    1988 Land Cruiser Troop Carrier Trekka PopTop - $13000 (my own previous truck)

    My friend Matt is ready to sell the Troopie, and as much as I would love to have it again, I have other priorities right now. It is located in Belgium but can easily be shipped to USA. Or take it from there to drive down to Africa - where it belongs the most... :) All the details on our site...
  6. Christian P.

    Land Rover Defender Ambulance on Ebay - perfect overland platform?

    Wish I had more time in my life...this could be turned into something very nice.
  7. Christian P.

    2008 Land Cruiser 65K miles for $12K

    In Toronto...almost seems too good to be true...which probably is... "Has built in refrigerator, DVD with surround and subwoofer , tow hitch and brand new land cruiser rubber floor mats , both key fobs incl. Always garaged for both owners . Never taken off road . Tires have about 45% tread...
  8. Christian P.

    2017 #IceRoadRally - One last frigid adventure on the Mackenzie River!

    As some of you already know, this winter is the last chance we have to drive the ice road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk. In April there will be a new permanent road between these isolated communities north of the Arctic Circle, and life will be forever altered there. On March 8th, we will be...
  9. Christian P.

    10-12 days from Copenhagen in Winter - suggestions on what to do & where to go?

    Hello everyone! We are planning a last minute trip to Denmark/Sweden/Norway over the Holidays. My wife and I are flying into Copenhagen on the 26th and flying out of Stockholm on Jan 8th. We are considering renting a car but we are totally flexible and right now we have a blank canvas to...
  10. Christian P.

    1987 Westfalia 2WD

    Every day in a Westfalia is an adventure so maybe this qualifies as an Expedition Vehicle.. :) It's time to sell my 1987 Westfalia 2WD that I have been slowly restoring since last year. I have a Syncro in my garage that needs my attention now. I put it up on Ebay with tons of details...
  11. Christian P.

    Ford Shop in Bay Area/East Bay? Ford Expedition Fuel Pump Replacement needed...

    Long story friend moved to London a few years ago and "abandoned" his low mileage 2001 Ford Expedition in Fremont. Now we want to put it back on the road but it needs a fuel pump, which is inside the giant fuel tank which therefore needs to be dropped. And that's not really a task...
  12. Christian P.

    Bay Area - Recommendation for a shop to do a timing belt change on 3rd Gen 4runner ?

    I am looking to get the timing belt/water pump done on my 4Runner. I called a couple places in the Bay Area (dealership) and they wanted $1100-$1200+taxes…seems a bit steep. Does anyone have a suggestion for a shop anywhere in the Bay Area/Sacramento area? Even Reno are is fine… thank you...
  13. Christian P.

    Inverter recommendation for on-road use?

    We are leaving for Europe next week and I need an inverter to power my laptop (HP Probook) as we are driving. there are about one trillion different models on Amazon...i am starting my research now. any recommendation for something (max $100) that could endure the abuse of the Autobahn in our...
  14. Christian P.

    Across Canada in 10 days in a Subaru...

    In keeping up with our overlanding tradition, I am about to embark on another unexpected, unsupported and totally unplanned trip... I have spent a couple summers in Vancouver but my last trip there was about 10 years ago. I have a friend of a friend who needed a driver to bring their vehicle...
  15. Christian P.

    Great video - KiteSurfing in Namibia
  16. Christian P.

    SyncroFest is on!

    We are leaving tomorrow morning for SyncroFest! over 175 VW vans have registered so far...and apparently a small casualty already.. :) Check #syncrofest on Instagram for pictures through out the weekend!
  17. Christian P.

    VW Kombi Last Wishes

    if this does not make you shed a tear...not sure what will...
  18. Christian P.

    Great South America Video (not mine) - 5 months in a 4Runner
  19. Christian P.

    Struggle continues in Africa Oldest National Park

    Persephone and I had the opportunity to go visit the Virunga National Park when we were in the DRC. It was without a doubt one of the highlight of our journey. Unfortunately it seems like things are still very problematic over there. Here is the latest news: Belgian Emmanuel de Merode was...
  20. Christian P.

    Rally to the World Cup! the Dutch are at it again...

    After putting together the Maya Rally, I was thinking of doing the same thing for the US team unfortunately I never had the opportunity to put it together. However watch out for something similar for 2016...