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  1. kchristian

    JK Wranglers for sale with a free Caribbean vacation. (Not a scam, I promise!)

    I have the following on Vieques, Puerto Rico. (shipping to Jacksonville is $732 with Crowley from San Juan. I will deliver to the Port in San Juan) 2011 JK sport with 42k Soft Top $11,500 (NADA Rough Trade-in $15,175, Retail $19,925) 2011 JK sport with 42k Hard top $11,800 (NADA Rough...
  2. kchristian

    Both front coils broken on a 2013 JKU with 25k

    Like the title says, I have a 2013 JKU with busted coils. I live on Vieques, a small island next to Puerto Rico, and most of the 25k miles have been put on at or near a beach. Rust is an issue for sure. But still I've never heard of coils busting like this. Especially not two at the same time...
  3. kchristian

    Volvo 245/International Traveller Crazy australians, what will they think of next? Volvo 245 body on an International Traveller chassis in Australia.
  4. kchristian

    2003 Honda 919

    While not an expedition bike per se, I had big plans to ride this thing up to Alaska this summer and it is a comfortable cruiser. It has the added benefit of being an incredible bike for the twisties too. Seriously, If I could only have one bike for the rest of my life, this would be it. I...
  5. kchristian

    SOLD 2002 Mitsubishi Montero - Modified for Travel

    SOLD - I was glad to see that the new owner has plans to enjoy it just as much as we did. 3/14/14 Update Well folks, this things really gotta go. I just got offered a job in Puerto Rico and I'll have a Jeep provided for me. Based on the lack of serious interest and a more pressing timeline...
  6. kchristian

    Ducati 1199 Dirt Bike

    I love this. If I had unlimited money and time I would do it too. Haters be damned.
  7. kchristian

    Where the Eyes Go - 3 months in Central America and Mexico.

    My wife and I left US soil one week ago today. The plan is to spend a few months south of the border. And that's about as far as our plans go. We've been inspired by so many people here on Expedition Portal, I'll post here so that hopefully we can help someone else in the future. We are...
  8. kchristian

    Why I don't like BMW's.

    I'm kicking around the idea of picking up a good adv bike when we get back from our planned Central America/Mexico trip this winter. For some reason I just couldn't figure out why I had no desire to look at BMW's. It's strange because I'm a huge Bimmer fan when it comes to their cars. Then today...
  9. kchristian

    3rd Gen Montero Initial Impressions/Build Thread

    This is gonna happen over the next 4 months. Please be patient with me... I picked up a 2002 Montero Limited after months of looking for the perfect expo vehicle. I've gotta say, for our needs, I think we found it. And to think its mostly by accident that we ended up here. I had been...
  10. kchristian

    Anybody installed a 3rd Gen Dual Battery?

    I've seen it done on some Pajero's down under but never on our left hand drive Montero's. I'm hoping to fit two DieHard Platinum Group 34's. It looks like the second could be added if the airbox were moved forward a few inches. Has anyone done it? I did a search, If I missed one in a build...
  11. kchristian

    Truck Fridge sale. Prices only visible in checkout.

    I've been shopping for a fridge for quite some time now. I was leaning towards the Edgestar simply because I like to take chances. Well I guess the $400 savings played a roll in that decision as well. Then just before I plunked down the CC, I came across the Truck Fridge line...
  12. kchristian

    3rd Gen rear storage platform design. Input wanted.

    So I'm new to Monteros, Google SketchUp, Woodworking, and Overlanding. But I'm excited, my wife is excited (90% of the battle) and we have nothing holding us back. The plan is to be on the road in January and head south til we run out of continent. I'm sure I'll be asking tons of advice on...
  13. kchristian

    $6,500 for a 2002 Montero with 140k? Is that a good deal? (w/pics)

    Well I was about a day away from purchasing a GX470 for an expedition build when I saw this little gem pop up on Craigslist. With the money I was going to spend on the Lexus, I can pick this up and have it fully outfitted with cash left over for a couple weeks in Mexico. I've done a fair...
  14. kchristian

    The old reseating a tire bead with lighter fluid trick. Bad idea?

    I've done it a few times but after reading the article by Scott Brady "How to: reseat a tire bead on a 4WD", I wonder if I have been doing something terribly wrong. Obviously he wouldn't have written the...
  15. kchristian

    Lower profile fridge/freezer?

    Ok I've searched and searched on this forum and others, so this is a long shot, I know. Are there any fridges designed with a lower profile? We are planning a vehicle purchase (4th gen 4runner/80 or 100LC/GX470) for overland use and we would really like to have the fridge in the back on a...