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  1. PV Hiker

    Add an alternator instead of ACR?

    What dwh says... also to add, you could get a ACR with a remote switch like a dual sensing Blue Sea's unit. That will allow you control to have it three different ways. To have the battery's never see each other, Run it in auto mode where it will open and close either direction based on...
  2. PV Hiker

    On board air VS Portable compressor VS Powertank/CO2

    Started out with a MV-50 and it was good enough. Then bought a Puma 12 volt and hard mounted it in the 4 Runner. The MV-50 went as a backup that has never been used since. I liked the Puma so much that now for the Ram p/u I bought a second one. This one i decided not to hard mount it but put...
  3. PV Hiker

    FWC; major design changes, issues, and value?

    Pilotamis If you want to move windows and want a flatbed shell then maybe give ATC (All Terrain Campers) a shout out and see if this fits your standards.
  4. PV Hiker

    New Alaskan side entry flatbed 8.5' build!!

    This past year ar Glacier was told with FWC type camper while under a bear restriction you can camp but overnight you can not pop the top up. So if you can sleep with the top down, good to go.
  5. PV Hiker

    Build: Flatbed for slide-in camper

    Took a online tour on their web page. Looks like a great solution that fits the ticket for many applications. I think with the upper and lower storage you can stash a whole lot of crap. Could be good and bad as you could pack it to the gills and by doing so add more weight. Just thinking...
  6. PV Hiker

    Battery / Solar Question

    Thank you dwh for answering my questions. A lot to learn and asorb in this posting. Interesting....
  7. PV Hiker

    Battery / Solar Question

    I can see a majority of batteries just sit around like in a solar array or vechicles that don't move very often and can see a desulphation function is important. I read that AGM batteries it is not recommended to equalize. Would you say that a battery in a vechile traveling say down a...
  8. PV Hiker

    Any Intel on the new BFGATKO2 DT heavy duty?

    My local Costco tire manager went to a BFG tire class. He told me that the "DT" different compound is for the heavier deisel vechiles to prevent the tire flex when the massive torque is applied to the tire. That is the main reason that diesels chew up sidewalls and normal tires. He told me...
  9. PV Hiker

    Educate me on the 3 way RV fridge.

    Yep... that's the one. On the road and was in a hurry and darn spell checker. Should be able to buy on at a RV store or local propane gas company. Maybe even Amazon.
  10. PV Hiker

    Educate me on the 3 way RV fridge.

    All new propane systems have the green acorn nut that shuts off the flow of gas if there is a rush of propane like with a leak or line breakage. If you have a older system consider installing one of these.
  11. PV Hiker

    Extending Cab over on grandby

    I had a 82 FWC Fleet and extended the bed on the inside just like the newer ones do. Might be easier to add wood blocks on the inside and have overlapping plywood that pulls out. On all newer smaller campers have the pullout that you can model it off of. Our second FWC was a Eagle and had the...
  12. PV Hiker

    Any Intel on the new BFGATKO2 DT heavy duty?

    I searched the web for any more infomation on the "DT" version and could not. Costco can sell them to me in 285/70 R17 so they are out. So I went on BFG web page and chatted with Carrina and it went like this. You : Where can i find information on the new tire and sizes for All Terrain T/A...
  13. PV Hiker

    Very Heavy Duty Holddown

    You can use any easy to use hold down and under the battery use some windshield tape. This will keep the battery in place, reduce bouncing vibration if hold down is loose. It is a bit of work to break the adhesion when you want to remove the battery though.
  14. PV Hiker

    Fourwheel Camper Personalization

    If you park toward the sun angle you can lower the front or back lift panels to gain a better angle to the sun in winter months. So that may help you while parked to elimate the flat angle to the sun.
  15. PV Hiker

    Fourwheel Camper Personalization

    Good stuff... looking forward to more "down the rabbit hole". Like your style of writing.
  16. PV Hiker

    Recovering a truck from a lake.

    Gone fishing... the big one that got away. Just can't get free capable help with all those people. Too bad it slipped away.
  17. PV Hiker

    Anyone using Cooper AT3 XLT tires?

    May get noisier due to age of the tire. Rubber cures and drys out and gets harder. Which means that there is less "soft" rubber to dampen the noise and vibration.
  18. PV Hiker

    Batteries-sufficient venting?

    Just a couple of thoughts on the wet cell batteries as I don't know your plans or space required. Raise the spare tire and mount the batteries on the tongue against the camper. (increases tongue weight). Keep the batteries inside but encase them in a plastic box with a outside door access with...
  19. PV Hiker

    MAXTRAX Lockable Mounting Pins

    I bought a set for my version 1 boards as one of your dealers said I could use a dremial tool and notch out a gap to match the version 2 models. I have not looked at it yet but will give it a go in the next month or two.
  20. PV Hiker

    Install/removal of fwc camper

    For a flatbed model it will most likely be bolted through the bed mounting with backing plates inside and out. Corner jacks can use a cordless drill to raise and lower instead of the hand crank. The most time consuming part is lining up the bolt hols and putting the nuts on, but easy enough...