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  1. steve4wdaus

    Australian Insurance Question

    Hi Guys My insurance is up for renewal again. I have a 6 tonne Mitsi motorhome. I have been with Ken Tame (CMCA) for a number of years. I note CIL insurance change an excess for damage done off road / dirt roads etc. Question: Anyone got an insurance company they can recommend which covers...
  2. steve4wdaus

    Headlights! What have you done?

    Hi everyone Would love some feedback on what fellow Mitsubishi forum members have done on this issue please. I own a FG649 (possibly same as FG140 in US) with headlights as shown in the photo. I love the LED light bar, but suffer night blindness when switching from hi beam to low beam due to...
  3. steve4wdaus

    Rainbow Beach Unimogs and other 4WD Heavy Vehicles

    Hi all As there are a few unimogs in this video I thought I would share this here. This is a small video of the various heavy duty 4WD vehicles getting around Rainbow Beach Recently Cheers Steve
  4. steve4wdaus

    Windscreen decals solutïons

    Hi guys was reading the Tanami Track Thread and note the very cool "Red Dog 4WD Club" decal for the truck that appears to fit the windscreen nicely. Does anyone know if a supply of these decals (Customisable or not) that will fit the larger truck windscreen please? Cheers Steve
  5. steve4wdaus

    Roboshocks - Best Offer

    Hi guys This will probably interest the Brisbane guys most, I am doing a shed cleanup and have a set of Roboshocks off my Canter which I do not need anymore. AT Warrior I believe used to sell these? These were fitted to the canter for about 12months and would require a rebuild and cost me about...
  6. steve4wdaus

    FG649 Tyre Question

    Hi all Has anyone fitted 37/13.5r17 tyres to their FG649. If so were there any issues with clearing guards etc? Regards Steve
  7. steve4wdaus

    Brisbane rim and Wheel Certifier help

    Hi all Does anyone know or have used an engineer to certify and blue plate aftermarket wheels and rims in Brisbane please? Thank you in advance Steve
  8. steve4wdaus

    Amesz Motorhome Hit by B Double

    Hi all Firstly, the occupants of this Amesz survived this accident and are recovering in hospital. I wish the Hunter family a fast recovery and hope they return to touring again soon. The motorhome was hit from behind by an alleged B Double on the Hume highway and pushed off the road, rolled...
  9. steve4wdaus

    Happy New Year - Goodbye 2016

    Hi all A bit of a reminder of all the fun had this year Happy New Year everyone and thank you for the all the input and constructive discussion throughout the year. Cheers Steve
  10. steve4wdaus

    Only in Australia

    Hi guys Had to share this ABC news article. Ouch! Cheers steve
  11. steve4wdaus

    Leaking Seal

    Hi guys Whilst doing some maintenance I discovered a small oil leak. Does anyone know what this seal is called.the front drive shaft comes from this point forward. Thanks in advance Steve
  12. steve4wdaus

    FG Gearbox Upgrade 5 to 6 speed

    Hi guys A friend who is a mechanic made a comment the other day which wondered if anyone had looked into, could a Mitsubishi Rosa 6 speed gearbox be put into a FG649 to replace the 5 speed? When buying filters I have noticed they do share the same engine. Appreciate your feedback Cheers Steve
  13. steve4wdaus

    Expedition Vehicle You Want as Part of your Group

    Hi Guys Came across this Isuzu SciTech 800 expedition vehicle in Broome today. It initially caught my eye as the truck type read PIZZA, not Isuzu. It is fitted with super single tyres and Kumho KMA12s 385/65R/22.5, a crane, 1.5 tonne Pizza oven and J is currently building a pop up camper on the...
  14. steve4wdaus

    Good guide to keeping your build legal

    Hi guys Came across these on the web and found them interesting reading. They also might help if you are building your own motorhome. These are Australian requirements and are extensive and there are differences between sub-4495kg vehicles and larger ones. Cheers Steve Over 4.5t...
  15. steve4wdaus

    Front Spring Bush Advice Please

    Hi all I was greasing the front Spring on the canter and notice a thin piece of rubber as shown in photos. A friend suggested it could be the result of too putting to much grease in joint. As I am only 1/4 of the way around Australia, is this something you would fix or leave until home in...
  16. steve4wdaus

    Across Australia

    Hi guys Another year, another trip. This years trip is nicknamed turnabout. Hope you might follow. So far Also here is some photos to get you started Enjoy Steve
  17. steve4wdaus

    Speedo cable FG649

    Hi guys Have managed to break my speedo cable and looking at it got me thinking. Has anyone changed the angle of the attachment to gear box to point up? Hope someone can help TIA Steve
  18. steve4wdaus

    Awesome 8x8

    Hi All Have just finished watching the Finke Desert Race for 2016 and we saw this amazing 8x8 with a really cool graphic and I thought I would share. Sadly its not a Mitsubishi, but it is cool. Enjoy! Cheers Steve
  19. steve4wdaus

    Canter truck bits for sale

    Hi all Does anyone know the guidelines for posting the for sale of bits and piece on here? I must admit I am not sure. Regards Steve
  20. steve4wdaus

    Truckport concrete advice please

    Hi guys I am currently building a truck / car port for the Amesz and it has a concrete slab. Any ideas on what if anything can be done to protect it from spillages and grease from when I service to truck? Thanks in advance Steve