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    Gen 3 resonator?

    Has anyone removed the rear tail pipe resonator on a gen 3? At least that's what I/m assuming it is. Is it louder, by how much? I'm building a rear plate bumper and would like to remove the resonator and just stab a straight pipe though the plate bumper. Thanks
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    Strength of Gen 3 stock spare tire mount

    Hey guys, On my Gen 3 I'm running 33in tires. I am currently building a custom rear plate bumper and I'm considering running a spare tire swing out vs keeping the tire on the door. If I keep the tire on the door, I will also mount a 5g rotopax fuel tank and a trasharoo bag to the spare tire...
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    Sold------Tuff stuff ranger 3 person roof top tent-colorado

    $600. About 3 years old, located in Grand Junction, co. Local pickup. The tent is in good shape, includes all hardware, annex and floor. Only known damage is a few tree scuffs on the rain cover (still water proof) and some minor dents on the tent floor. The tent is always stored indoors when...
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    4 person tent. Ikamper vs Freespirit Vs Smittybuilt XL

    With the kids (4yo and 2yo) getting bigger we need to upgrade roof top tents. I currently have a TuffStuff 3 person tent. Although I have not been a fan of the quality control and feel its made pretty cheap, ultimately its a tent and it has worked well for us, especially considering the...
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    ARB problems in a Gen3

    I've installed ARBs and 4.9 gears in my Gen 3. I'm having an odd leak with the rear ARB I'd like some input on. I plan on contacting ARB too, but so far I've only wheeled in the truck once and would like to get it out a few more times to make sure I am accurately describing the problem. We're...
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    For sale: gen 3 LSD

    Anyone interested in an OEM Gen 3 rear LSD? Not the carrier, just the locker. It will work with 4.3 and 4.9 gears. $250 shipped.
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    Montero rear diff carrier shims?

    Anyone have a source for a montero IRS 9.5 rear diff shims? Mitsu part number is MR508116 and is backordered from mitsubishi. Any other rear diff that would use this shim? OD 88mm Id 75mm
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    Gen 3 rear CV boots

    I'm in the middle of installing ARBs and 4.9 gears in my gen 3 and want to refresh as much stuff while Im at it and doing the work anyway. Maybe I'm missing it, but I cant find any replacement CV boots for the rear end, other than OEM at $65+ per boot. Anyone have a source for replacement boots?
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    Gen 3 boiling gas??

    This seems very weird and I'm not sure how it's possible, but fourwheeling today the gas in the tank of my Gen 3 montero was boiling. Full on rattling the Kettle boiling. We were doing a tight trail that gained about 3000 feet of elevation in 8 miles, so it was steep but nothing crazy...
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    Shocks for a gen 3

    I've decided the 3rd gen montero really fits our needs as a 4x4. I would like a little more articulation and considered a gen 2, but the more I think about it I don't want to get an older high milage vehicle when I've put a ton of work into my gen 3. Also for 90% of our off road use I feel the...
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    Gen III fuel trim

    On my 2003 I have got a few o2 sensor codes that pop up. The first one was about a year ago, cleared the code and never saw anything else. On a recent trip the check engine light came on coming and going, both in full throttle long hill climbs. When the check engine light came on the traction...
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    Tie Rod replacement on Gen 3

    I had the montero in for an alignment and they said the "inner" tie rod is loose. Im assuming this means the tie rod that attaches to the rack and pinion. Has anyone replaced this part, looking at the FSM I think the whole rack and pinion needs to be removed. Can anyone confirm this. Timing...
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    Gen 3 and tire noise

    On my gen 3 I have been running Cooper ATP tires for about 15k. I've really liked the tires performace, but they have a constant hum that is getting old. I am considering getting something else that has less road noise. I think the unibody construction may contribute more to road noise so I...
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    Problems with ome gen 3 lift

    I just installed an ome lift kit on my gen 3 montero. I got it from Sierra expeditions and called them to ask what front springs to get because I am planning on installing a winch, no bumper. They recommended the heavy duty 2915 springs, even though I was going to be a little under the...
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    Air lift for gen 3

    Im getting ready to get an OME lift kit and was going to do airbags at the same time. I thought I bookmarked a thread where someone documented putting air bags on a gen 3, but now I can't find it.......All I can find online is air bags for gen 2's or montero sports. Thanks
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    Radflo suspension for 3rd gen montero

    Has anyone on here used the radflo suspension on their 3rd gen Montero? I think this would be really cool on the montero and may truly give some level of Dakar performance and the ability to haul ***...
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    Gen III propeller shaft maintenance

    On an 03 is there any maintenance that needs to be done to the propeller shaft? The only grease nipple I found was on the front ujoint.....but in the owners manuel it says to grease the propeller shaft. Does it need to be removed to grease the joints?
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    Big O Bigfoot AT or something else ??

    For the past 4 years I have been running 315/70 r17 Big O AT's on my 01 F250 Powerstroke. After about 45k miles its time to replace the tires and when looking at spending $1200+ (ouch) I just want to make sure Im making the right choice. I'm most likely just going to go with the Big O's again...
  19. O Gen 3 build

    Not sure what this build will turn into, but hopefully some of this may provide info for other Gen 3 owners. Although I doubt it will be as cool as several of the builds I have seen on here, I want to make it into a reliable and capable 4x4 for moderate trails that still works as a DD for my...
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    3rd Gen Lifts

    Im in the process of looking for a lift for my 03 Monty and I have a few questions hopefully some of you can shed some light on. Clearly the most obvious choice is the OME, seems pretty proven and straight forward. If I go this route I am considering doing HD in the rear and MD up front (no...