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  1. justbecause

    2011 frontier

    The truck has been doing Lowe's duty since buying a house last summer. We really thought we would be done working on it by now; but a quick paint job and new floors turned into several rooms taken down to studs. A relatively intensive overhaul/redesign of the kitchen. It was (is) generally...
  2. justbecause

    2005 Four Wheel Camper Falcon - Rare 5ft bed model

    Thats only 2131 miles away from me, if only I could quit my job and spend a few weeks on the road to come get it....
  3. justbecause

    Custom build pop-up camper

    I love seeing stuff getting built on a frontier. After you work out the bugs and get ready to make another one I'll be ready to make a trip out west.
  4. justbecause

    2011 nissan frontier pro4x mild expedition build

    My MIL has a tundra with the 4.6. I really love that truck, super comfortable, great MPG for a v8. She has the smaller 4 door and it still has plenty of room. I expect we will be upgrading from the frontier soon, I expect it to become too tight once that 2nd car seat is in. I don't use it often...
  5. justbecause

    Project: Stratotrooper

    I'm not sure if the one that looks like a 3" wood screw looks worse, or the ones that look like they are self tapping....
  6. justbecause

    2011 Subaru Outback Overland Build

    Would you recommend the excel Gs? I've got to change my shocks and I'm feeling sticker shock looking at most of the outback options.
  7. justbecause

    New Jeep Pick Up to be unveiled...The Gladiator

    except for the hood scoop that looks much better than what JEEP is producing. The Gladiator is a truck based off the FSJ platform, the Scrambler is a truck on a wrangler platform. If you're going to sell yourself as a company that values its history, at least keep the family names correct. As...
  8. justbecause

    2015 Flippac Short bed 5ft with ALOT of extras; Bomber Products Overland Storage System

    travel east of the mississippi and I'll meet you with cash.
  9. justbecause

    Flippac for Sale! 6 ft or 5 ft short bed Flippac!

    I would like to see more of how this was built out in the rear.
  10. justbecause

    Talk Me Out of an OBS as a budget overlanding rig!

    10k for a 4 door 7.3 is a great deal. I remember when those trucks were cheaper than their 1/2 to counterparts, now people act like a 7.3 leaves gold dust in its exhaust.
  11. justbecause

    2012 Frontier Pro4x CC expedition/overland type build

    @projected do you have any posts about the finch in the back of the frontier? That seems like a good bit of weight for our truck I'd like to talk to someone about their experience before I invest any more time looking at a camper as an option.
  12. justbecause

    Interesting article comparing the Nissan/Cummins to the f150/PS.

    the popular mechanics article, 2nd to last paragraph, the author said he found it at a dealer online. I did a nationwide auto trader search and that looks like you can find a regular cab easily enough for that range, there are 2 new 4 doors listed for less than 35.
  13. justbecause

    Interesting article comparing the Nissan/Cummins to the f150/PS.

    I want to know where he found a brand new 4x4 diesel xd for 33k.
  14. justbecause

    Small Focus based unibody Ford truck coming?

    Toyota has no incentive to improve the tacoma. It has been one of the most poorly speced mid size trucks in the USA for decades and it still out sells everything else.
  15. justbecause

    WTB: RTT East TN, North GA/AL

    who are the CVT guys?
  16. justbecause

    Small Focus based unibody Ford truck coming?

    to be fair, this is possibly the most poorly named section on portal. 1, its confusing, why include "full size and other"? 2, what is domestic? Built in the USA? thats the tacoma, tundra, titan, a line of hyundia, mercedes, subarus, hondas. F series trucks were built in mexico for years, its...
  17. justbecause

    WTT: FWC Eagle for Vagabond or GFC

    where are you located?
  18. justbecause

    OVRLND camper topper

    I really like this one. Frontiers need all the visibility they can get, so lots of glass is a must have. IMHO.
  19. justbecause

    Reliability of older Isuzu Troopers

    if i had a time machine, I would go back and not buy my 97 trooper. I would either get a johnny 5 v8 swap 1st gen, or a montero. The older I get and the bigger the family gets the more appealing that 3rd row becomes, but at that point, for a v6 that cant tow much of crap and gets nothing for MPG...