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    FS: Group 31M AGM Battery Seattle 5$

    I have a sears AGM G31M battery for sale. This was a replacement to a Diehard Platinum that died and is made by some other manufacturer. I haven't used it and have kept it charged. Rather than take it to a recycler, if someone wants it, come get it. Located in Issaquah, you pick up.
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    Leibbrand's 06 DC Limited Tundra Build

    Well... took the plunge a couple weeks back and picked up a 1st gen tundra. I drove a new Taco, a couple newer 2nd gens tacos, and settled on the 1st gen tundra. Primary drivers were interior build quality, engine, and higher seating. I really wanted to like a 2nd gen taco, with all its...
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    Tundra 04-06 Double Cab / Sequoia Center Console - Seattle - $150

    For sale console from sequoia / double cab. $150 complete. I'm in Seattle area. Shipping will be a fair bit given the size, but willing to work what makes sense. Some have retrofitted to access cabs - I don't know specifics. I'll seperate if 150 total is met.