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  1. Ray_G

    Autohome Columbus Variant Fit Kit-which bars?

    Proud owners of a new Autohome Columbus Variant that will be going on our LR3. Before I conduct discovery learning via $; what are others using for the fit kit cross bars on the top. Yakima pops up but just in case there is another solution out there figured it worth asking here. r- Ray
  2. Ray_G

    Atlantic British unrolls Terra Firma 18" steelies for LR3

    Saw this in the email brouchure this am...
  3. Ray_G

    Traxide dual battery kit (LR3/D3); any comments on which version?

    Back from a trip to Oman for the past few days where temps were well above 100 and the fridge was on throughout, including protracted sitting during some work days. Battery never dropped below 11.5 based off check the voltmeter at various times but the well known LR3 desire for good power...
  4. Ray_G

    NAS LR3 build with an overseas twist

    I finally hit a tipover point where I had enough pictures and stuff accomplished to feel like a build thread was appropriate. As a promotion gift to myself I finally pulled the trigger on an LR3 in Dec of 2013; I'd been impressed by them after partnering with one for VOT and with my wife in...
  5. Ray_G

    Misc D1/RRC (possible Defender) parts: LR HD springs, OME & Bilstein shocks, etc

    Garage cleanout from New Years Day; cross posting from Defendersource/Dweb-should have posted here right off too. PM or email (ray.gerber(at), which is the same as my paypal. LR HD springs (approx 1" lift on RRC/Disco): $80 Got these when I got my truck. Ran them with 235/85's (used...
  6. Ray_G

    Outdoor Research Highland Bivvy & Maxpedition Condor II backpack

    Initially offered up over on Defender Source, broadening exposure before I go to fleabay. Hit me via pm or email (paypal is the same) ray.gerber(at) Outdoor Research Highland Bivvy ($85 shipped) Good bivvy if you want to keep things off your face and are camping solo. I used it one...
  7. Ray_G

    Overland Navigator + Mid Atlantic Maps $30 shipped

    No longer have my tablet setup, nor using my usb hockey puck so this was found in a laptop case I was going through. Purchased circa 2008-2009, used for approx a year (installed, and then put in the case where it sat in the laptop bag). Great setup for those using a laptop, carputer, etc...
  8. Ray_G

    Range Rover Classic Wilderness Rack & Running boards

    Posting for a friend, located in Manassas Va Wilderness Rack that was mounted on 100" RRC-may work on other vehicles (can get measurements if desired); Comes with spare tire mount and mounting for RR gutter mount Could be broken down for shipping but that's got to cost extra. Other brackets...
  9. Ray_G

    Coyote; aka my 96 D1 5 speed build thread

    Mostly a lurker here but seem to be posting more and that's prompted a desire to start a build thread for my current Disco. Basic details: 1996 Discovery 1 80,XXX miles (just went past 80k!) 5 speed 2" lift & 235/85/16 BFG ATs LR HD coils + isolators + 1/2" spacer in the back Terrafirma big...
  10. Ray_G

    Touchscreen Tablet + mount, keyboard, power cords, Overland Navigator 2.0, etc

    Building a new truck with different purpose in mind than my old and finally decided to go in a simpler direction given the intended purpose thus I'm putting this setup out for sale: EO Tuftab V7112XT touchscreen tablet PC with docking cradle, RAM mount attached (to the station), AC & DC cords...
  11. Ray_G

    Dual Battery setup (Painless Perf + extras)

    *Currently sold pending funds* Usually only sell on the Land Rover forums but figured cross posting here would be good for vis to the appropriate community. Where specific to vehicle configuration it pertains to a Land Rover Discovery 1: Pulled off my old truck, likely not going dual battery...
  12. Ray_G

    Rover Parts (Dif Guards, GEMS spares, etc) & Maxpedition/Tactical Tailor Packs

    Should have thrown this stuff up here last week as I put it on Dweb and D90, but life got away from me so I'm now getting around to broadening the spectrum. In conjunction with the moving, I've also moved on to a new Disco 1 from my 98 previously known as Coyote...the new to me 96 (5 speed with...