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  1. harm

    ExPo 60 Series Registry

    1. Year, model, color, etc: 1982 FJ60 2. Name of owner/screen name: Rue "haRm" 3. How long have you owned your 60 series? Is this your first? Only a month, first FJ60, also own a 2008 FJC 4. Mileage at date of purchase and present mileage: Present mileage is 147,000 5. Your favorite mods... If...
  2. harm

    Good deal on a toughbook for gps use

    Looks like a good deal, I would get one. Paramedics use these also.
  3. harm

    New owner of a M416 trailer, new project...

    It would be great if you ever do remember it but at this moment I will just try to fix it as much as I can but wont stress too much over it.
  4. harm

    New owner of a M416 trailer, new project...

    Last night when I got home I began tearing down the fenders, took off the tail lights and reflectors. I am super stoked about this trailer :wings:
  5. harm

    New owner of a M416 trailer, new project...

    Thanks to my wonderful wife, I am now an owner of a M416 trailer! Picked it up today, threw on some magnetic tow lights and parked it in my garage. I have been looking for one for a while now but just didnt find one worth buying. Future plans for this is to get sandblasted and powder coated...
  6. harm

    Latest Photo?

    Very nice 40 SFROMAN! :Wow1: Not a picture, but a short video! Short video climbing Hogs Back at Tillamook State Forest during our Black Friday Run...
  7. harm

    Which offroad trailer should I buy?

    When we can, I want to get the AT Horizon.
  8. harm

    New Product - TRASHAROO!

    I like this product, will be ordering one.
  9. harm

    Random RIG Shots

    Canyonlands, Utah Telluride, Colorado
  10. harm

    Want to buy: Non Carb Wedco Gas cans

    You can always ship these to me and pick them up if you just happen to come by Oregon :smiley_drive:
  11. harm

    The best adventure travel boots.

    Its Merrell or Patagonia for me, love all pairs I have.
  12. harm

    Detroit Lake/ Rainbow Lake/ Elk Lake Oregon...

    Ya they do, lots. We could meet up next next year and go ride around out in that area.
  13. harm

    Formally introducing myself...

    yes, Metal Tech front bumper + sliders, and soon will have rear bumper. Thanks guys!
  14. harm

    Formally introducing myself...

    My name is Rueben, and in March of 2008 I sold my 2000 F150 and 2002 Civic Si to purchase a 2008 Toyota Fj Cruiser. 2 weeks after driving it home with only 4 miles on it, we broke her in at Tillamook State Forest and got her dirty. We absolutely love this vehicle! Couldnt be happier with our...
  15. harm

    16" TRD Wheels

    Sorry, my mistake.
  16. harm

    campsite pics..lets see um

    This is our site during our trip earlier this year to the Canyonlands National Park, this is off of the White Rim Trail. At sunset... At sunrise...
  17. harm

    Utah Canyonlands, Colorado, Mesa Verde and 3,500 miles later...

    Thanks guys, we would love to go back there again.
  18. harm

    Detroit Lake/ Rainbow Lake/ Elk Lake Oregon...

    There are two ways into Rainbow Lake off of hwy 22, both start off as a gravel road for about 2 miles then its paved. The paved road takes you with in a mile to the actual lake, then its a dirt road around the lake. You should have no problems getting to it. Just be careful, it snows alot up...
  19. harm

    10 States in 7 days

    Great pics! We also just got back from a road trip that took us thru Colorado, we were in the same neighborhood. I think you would have been fine on Engineer Pass.