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  1. 7wt

    Pinstripes and staying presentable

    That's cool for you. Some people have different requirements.
  2. 7wt

    OBA for camping/beach and trails

    Be sure to consider the possibility of coming across someone else on the trail that needs help. I had a Viair 400 even though I only has 32" tires. More than one occasion I had to share my air with someone who's CO2 tank was flat or their compressor took a dive.
  3. 7wt

    The ExPo Mountain Bike Photo Thread

    I have been out of riding for better than 15 years now and my waistline shows. With a mind to correct that, last month I bought a Vaya. It's the perfect fat guy road bike and a light duty bikepacker. What an awesome bike. It loves to eat up miles. Now I have to start saving up for some Porcelain...
  4. 7wt

    NIB Spyderco Paramilitary 1

    Thanks rc51. Will ship it Wed.
  5. 7wt

    NIB Spyderco Paramilitary 1

    Hey all, I have a Spyderco Paramilitary 1 with digicam G10 scales and S30V steel made in the US. The thing has been sitting in a box in the bottom of a drawer for about 5 years, never carried or used. It still has the factory edge on it. (sold)
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    Recovery stuff and accessories for sale

    MasterPull 1" Kinetic Rope, $100 shipped SOLD Viair 400P compressor, the bag has a little bit of wear from ridding around in my toolbox but the compressor doesn't, $125 shipped SOLD 3 Polypropylene tree straps rated at 13,500lbs. I had these custom by a sling manufacturer in poly because...
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    Recovery stuff and accessories for sale

    4 Black Rat 4.7 ton bow shackles, $40 shipped SOLD Offroad Warehouse tow strap (not recovery strap, just for towing) $30 shipped Viking Offroad 5/16 X 50ft winch extension line, $80 shipped SOLD Viking Offroad rope bag, $20 shipped SOLD
  8. 7wt

    Recovery stuff and accessories for sale

    Since I sold the 7wt-grouchmobile I need to lighten some of the stuff I have gather for it over the years. All of the following is lightly use, if used at all. I am very picky about maintaining my stuff so reset assured everything listed here is in good-great condition. I will ship CONUS only...
  9. 7wt

    Skinniest 265/75's?

    Thanks for getting it. It seems to have scooted right over the heads of a few. As far as the 235's went, that was a good five years ago for me. They were OK when new but I have gotten a little soft in my old age and decided load range E's and light trucks aren't good bed fellows. I'll look...
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    mods you wouldnt do again ...

    What I find interesting about this thread is that it makes me realize all the things I wanted for my truck over the years were just window dressing. I have kept my truck as stock as I could for several reasons, the biggest is that I just couldn't justify spending the money on mods that I...
  11. 7wt

    Skinniest 265/75's?

    It seems not all tire sizes are nominal and my much dated 265/75's Duratracs are in need of replacement. They have always seemed to be some of the wider tires in that size. I am looking for a skinnier tire in that size, something with a little less aggression as well. I have been considering the...
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    Pics of your favorite fly water

    Since there isn't a briny local yet,
  13. 7wt

    CB radio mounting help pics please.

    Pretty sweet sunshade man.
  14. 7wt

    Trump's 03 Tacoma

    Yup, without a doubt the best looking bumper for the 1st gen Taco. Looks great man! The recovery points are stuff dreams are made of.
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    Overland Hammock Camping

    I love my Warbonnet Traveler so much I sold my tent.
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    Recommend me a new rod 9-10' 7 wt

    It's a shame you are looking for a longer rod. I have the perfect 7wt but it's 8'8" long. It's a Scott Heliply and what makes it special is that it is slightly soft for a 7wt compared to the modern super fast broomstick tapers. Awesome stick but like everything else that is truly sublime, they...
  17. 7wt

    235/85R16 are they all "E" rated tires?

    I had 235's on my 03. They were fine for a couple of years then they got so rough and out of round my truck was unbearable to drive. I wouldn't do it again. If my truck wasn't lifted, I would go back to 265/70's.
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    Anza-Borrego Wanderings 2012

    Thank you so much for posting your photos. They totally capture the feeling of Borrego. Incredible!
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    Iota 24V 675 Watt power supply

    How about $160 shipped in the US?
  20. 7wt

    SOLD: Vintage Brunton Pocket Transit + Case

    Crap I missed it!