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  1. TexGX

    2020 Tacoma TRD Offroad Mild Overland Build

    Well, that was a fail. Wife got motion sickness from the wind. The tent also came with a support beam broken, so back it goes. Will have to figure out something else.
  2. TexGX

    2020 Tacoma TRD Offroad Mild Overland Build

    Ran cables from the Jackery to the tent. One is a USB hub for phones and the light inside and the other is a 12v for the electric blanket for the wife. I bought a 12v spliter but it seems the jackery will not run both at the same time. Will have to unplug fridge until blanket heats up. Found...
  3. TexGX

    2020 Tacoma TRD Offroad Mild Overland Build

    I did not want the tent over higher than the cab. This lead to a problem with the one awning on the cab side. The poles do not work. This is my fix. I will upgrade the bungies with something stronger soon.
  4. TexGX

    2020 Tacoma TRD Offroad Mild Overland Build

    Good day. After my GX, Sportsmobile, Tacoma and Revel, I am back in a Tacoma. I am planning a mild build for short to medium trips with the wife. Here are the things I have done so far: Tonneau cover Bed Rack Roof Top Tent Added 400w always on plug in cab to charge 1500w Jackery (this is...
  5. TexGX

    2019 Revel - SOLD-

    Well, plans change. We found our dream house and need to make some sacrifices. Van is up for sale. 2019 with 10k miles. Just had the oil changed and serviced. Everything working. Asking 110k with it fully stocked for travel ( cookware, chairs, storage totes, swing out hitch, cargo carrier...
  6. TexGX

    Selling my Prinsu CabRac

    Posted in equipment section. TexGX
  7. TexGX

    Prinsu Design CabRac 2005-2018 Tacoma Double Cab

    SOLD!!! Going a different direction. Asking $600. Full black powder coating. In San Antonio.
  8. TexGX

    F/S 2003 4X4 RB50 Sportsmobile 7.3 L Diesel

    Life Happens! The Yeti is up for sale. Here are the details: Price $75,000 2003 RB50 4X4 with 7.3L deisel (103,000) Quigley with RIP kit DP tuner (60hp daily, 60 hp mountain, decel, high idel and 80 mountain) New Radio Nav/DVD/backup camera/AUX input/Handsfree calling/Pandora KO2's Rear Air...
  9. TexGX

    1996 Yamaha TW200

    Yes. Have a good time on it.
  10. TexGX

    FJ60 Toyota

    Toyota of Surprise AZ has a nice FJ60 on the lot. The interior and exterior are in amazing shape. The engine has been replaced with a 350, but is having issues. I did spot an ARB compressor and a Warn winch installed. I got them down to $9500 but it is more than I am willing to pay right now...
  11. TexGX

    Yakima towers and gutters $150 shipped

    I have two sets of towers and gutters. All you need is bars and attachments. $150 plus shipping. TexGX
  12. TexGX

    The Time Has Come: My GX build

    I can't remember the exact price, but around $500. Call Wil at Sierra Expeditions. He will know. Love my Sportsmobile, but miss that truck. TexGX
  13. TexGX

    Buddy's GS for sale

    My buddy is selling his 1200GS. Here is the link. The bike is in great shape. TexGX
  14. TexGX

    The Yeti had a baby Boy!!

    Well a lot of work has went into The Goat (new name after riding off-road). I know refer to it as a TW200A. Figured out that when I first tried to fix throttle, I messed up and was only getting half throttle. The increased power and ability to easily get to 60 mph are huge improvements. I am...
  15. TexGX

    1996 Yamaha TW200

    Sorry for late reply. It is off the market. TexGX