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  1. BradIXXI

    SOLD Complete James Baroud Set Up Grand Raid XXL, Falcon 270 Awning, Falcon Side Walls, Tunnel

    Copy that, thanks for the quick reply. Let me know if you change your mind or if you need any help. Kindest Regards…..
  2. BradIXXI

    SOLD Complete James Baroud Set Up Grand Raid XXL, Falcon 270 Awning, Falcon Side Walls, Tunnel

    I'm interested in buying your (Tunnel Attachment - Brand new in box) for my JB Tent and awning. Let me know if you will sell it without the other stuff. Thanks... Brad
  3. BradIXXI

    James Baroud Evo Space - used 4 nights for sale -sold

    Replace the latches with electro-magnets, so when you turn them off the tent extends (pitches) itself. For closing the tent, engage the magnets and drive away. When you get to about 45mph the wind should shut the tent for you and the magnets will hold it shut. That's a lot of words and BS to...
  4. BradIXXI

    Sold: Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam 3 RTT

    How much did this tent sell for? Just trying to get an idea of what they're worth used. Thanks...
  5. BradIXXI

    FS: AEV Tire Deflator

    I'll take it. PM inbound.....
  6. BradIXXI

    1947 Bantam T3-C restored and modified with Tepui RTT

    Absolutely the cleanest restoration of a Bantam I have seen yet. No way should this still be available. I am in awe of your work and attention to detail Sir.....
  7. BradIXXI

    Sold! - Oztent RV5 tent with accessories

    I would be interested in buying your Deluxe Front Panel, 2 Peaked Side Panels for my RV-5. Please let me know if we can do this and I'll PM you money and address information.
  8. BradIXXI

    SOLD!! 23ZERO Walkabout 56 RTT w/Annex, Not LST, Ivins, UT

    No pics of the Annex? Have you used the Annex before? Thanks!!
  9. BradIXXI

    SOLD - Oztent RV-4 + Accessories $1000 - Fort Worth

    If you don't mind me asking, why are you selling your OzTent? What are you moving to?
  10. BradIXXI

    Continental MPT81 and Michelin XL for Unimog or Earthroamer or any 20" wheel

    Sorry so late to the party. Any chance you still have these tires?
  11. BradIXXI

    SOLD James Baroud Explorer RTT

    Do you have any pics of it open?
  12. BradIXXI

    (SOLD) For Sale SnoMaster CL56D fridge/freezer dual zone for sale located in Stallings NC

    The picture was taken at 3619 Gribble Rd, Stallings, NC 28104, as noted by the ITC Millworks sign in the background. So we can assume that is where "local" is for Ashinn
  13. BradIXXI

    White Knuckle sliders for powerwagon

    The best Sliders on the market IMO.... My CJ7 loves them and they protect her. Good Luck On Your Sell....
  14. BradIXXI

    OzTent RV5 with annex NorCal 95376

    Would you be interested in shipping this to Dallas, Texas? Kind Regards,
  15. BradIXXI

    SOLD FS: Oz Tent RV4

    If you knew someone heading to Expo West I would send you the money today and pay the transporter. I'm in 75201....
  16. BradIXXI

    James Baroud Explorer Evo

    Message sent.
  17. BradIXXI

    2019 Overland Expo Buy/Sell

    HAHAHA, I'll take the Cold Air Intake and hook you up with $50 at the EXPO when we meet up......
  18. BradIXXI

    2019 Overland Expo Buy/Sell

    Do you have some sort of list with Sizes, Colors, Foam or Not, etc....?
  19. BradIXXI

    Overland Items for sale (Fridge, Slide, Awning)

    I'll buy your Alu-Cab Frig Slide... DM Sent
  20. BradIXXI

    For Sale

    Any way to get a picture so I can tell witch style you are selling? Fuel Style with 45 degree to cover caps or Water with 180 degree to fit below the cap?