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    Smittybilt RTT on sale for $599

    Was this sale documented anywhere? $599 is way under I've seen... 4wd/4wp have $845, Amazon direct from Smittybilt is $909
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    I've been happy with the German Olson chips as well as the CREE
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    My guess is they have the Epistar LEDS and glass lenses?
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    LED Light Bars; Post Up Pics

    I import Aurora lights which are arguably the closest to Rigid's and some have said come from the same factory. I have a 400w 40" combo bar that uses 80 Olson brand LED chips, as well as 2 - 40w flood lights in the front, and 2 - 40w diffusion lights for back up/dust light duty These things...
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    2005 AEV Hemi LJ Rubicon - SOLD

    This thing is sweet...but if you were considering an FJ, why wouldn't you just put the back seat back into would be 10000x more capable and it's already built