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    Inventory Reduction Sale:

    I tried to order a shore plug but it said that it can't be shipped to my address in Mississipppi
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    What Emergency Supplies Do You Keep in Your Vehicle?

    Don't have tons to add but a supply of spare fuzes a small spool of electrical wire a few zipties a small assortment of crimp on connectors some electrical tape Oh yes and if you're going to carry a First-aid kit I would suggest a Wilderness Frist-aid course. The basic course is 16 hours and...
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    Cooler test

    From the research I've done on coolers the shortcoming of most of the high end coolers is that although they have 2" of insulation on the sides and lid they only have 1" of insulation on the bottom. Being that any chain is only as storng as it's weakest link; the 1" bottoms seems to be enough to...
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    Minimum height for rack on trailer with RTT and room?

    I've seen your build thread before and it gave me several ideas; also seen the video before; very nice job. What stroke length struts did you use and what weigth rating?
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    2M Antenna Recommendations?

    I built one of these for my basecamp trailer and love it
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    Pressurized Scepter Jerry Can Faucet and Shower

    Great idea; I'll probably use some variation of it on my trailer :)
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    Tent Insulation?

    Never thought of putting a blanket between the tent and the fly; I'll have to try that to see how it works. In cold weather I do normally put two blankets down on the floor of the tent and I do use a small 3/4 length pad. During colder weather I have a couple of bag liners one is fleece the...
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    For those of you with the 416 style trailer how longer over stock did you extend it

    Curious about this too. I haven't extended my tongue yet but right now my plans are to build and adjustable tongue that will extend from 18 to 30 inches. I wheel some pretty tight trails so being able to shorten the extension to 18 inches from stock lunette mounting surface should help on those...
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    anyone have any pics/ideas for mounting portable generator?

    I put mine in my 416 trailer while traveling and pull it out and put it about 50 feet (I use a 50 ft extension cord) away from the campsite when I make camp. Quieter that way; 50 feet makes all the difference in the world.
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    Minimum height for rack on trailer with RTT and room?

    I'm in the proccess of designing an adjustable rack for my M-416 so that I can get my RRT below the slipstream while driving. I'm curious, how do you raise and lower your rack? Did you use slip joints in the corners to prevent binding during raising and lowering? EDIT: also how did you deal...
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    Lowrance Globalmap Baja 540c GPS for Sale

    Was thinking of a duel purpose solution that would do both on and off road so that I could replace my netbook with something smaller and easier to use. Sorry I'll have to pass on this but GLWS
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    Pressurized Scepter Jerry Can Faucet and Shower

    Here are a couple of related ideas that I thought might be interesting
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    Lowrance Globalmap Baja 540c GPS for Sale

    Went looking to see what it would cost to update the maps and couln't find them. Not real sure they are supporting maps for this anymore.
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    Lowrance Globalmap Baja 540c GPS for Sale

    Might be interested; how current are the maps?
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    Switching Reverse/Rear Lighting

    Would love to see pictures of your sPOD bracket with bluesea boxes in it. If you're using the double illuminated switches from OTRATTW then I'm sure Jim included the diagram you need to wire the back of the switch. FYI I'm using an sPOD with a DPDT switch for my aux reverse lights. Its a bit...
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    Switching Reverse/Rear Lighting

    Yes the capacitor would go across terminals 85 & 86. Your diagram is a bit off though. Okay you have a couple of options first being where you tap into the OEM reverse circuit; the other being using a non-illuminated switch or an illuminated one. For the sake of simplicity I'm going to assume...
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    Switching Reverse/Rear Lighting

    FYI, instructions to find the wire in the TIPM
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    Switching Reverse/Rear Lighting

    The rear lighting wiring harness runs to the front and is easily accessable in the passenger footwell. You can pull one of your tail lights and get the color coding for the reverse light from there and then just find it in the bundle up front in the passenger footwell. You'll want to use a relay...
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    RTT on trailer and changeing room

    I'm building and extendable rack on my trailer so I can keep the changing room. I'll lower the rack to get the RTT under the slipstream while driving and then extend it to be able to use the changing room and also to be able to stand under the awning that covers my kitchen setup