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  1. cbobgo

    Talk me out of doing something stoopid.... or don't.

    I came very close to doing what you are considering. But I am also not a fix it myself kind of guy, so went with a first generation tacoma. Old enough to still be a little interesting, but new enough that parts are readily available and can be fixed anywhere. I'm very happy with it.
  2. cbobgo

    James Baroud Black Grand Raid XXL w/ awning and Tunnel - SOLD

    Congrats on the new addition!
  3. cbobgo

    2006 C5500 Kodiak, 4x4, bucket, diesel, allison, 90k, (eBay) $22k, OK

    Wonder if you could mount a RTT on the arm, raise it up for a camping site with a view!
  4. cbobgo

    WTT 4k mile 2000 Dodge Viper GTS ACR

    Needs a lift, a full size spare, some Jerry cans and a winch.
  5. cbobgo

    Thinking about buying this tacoma - reasonable price?

    So just to update everyone, I've decided on the truck I'm buying. Thank you all for your input.
  6. cbobgo

    The "khitchen" -- a camp kitchen (sink, stove, propane, 30 gal water tank) & porta potti, on a hitch

    If it was all covered in some sort of protective case I would def consider buying something like that. - bob
  7. cbobgo

    Does this exist?

    Have you considered the gfc and super Pacific?
  8. cbobgo

    Thinking about buying this tacoma - reasonable price?

    And now I'm looking at stuff like this: And this: I have always wanted to get an older vehicle - love going to car shows and...
  9. cbobgo

    Big military truck Someone could build a great rig out if this
  10. cbobgo

    Thinking about buying this tacoma - reasonable price?

    So based on everyone's advice (and to appease the wife as well), I down-sized my budget. found a few more to consider I was really liking this one till I got to the end of the add and it says it won't pass smog...
  11. cbobgo

    SOLD 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer LS Swap, in SOLD

    I'm going to be down in Paso Robles in 3 weeks, if it hasn't sold by then I'd be interested in taking a look.
  12. cbobgo

    Check out this '95 Hilux Not what I'm looking for but very cool
  13. cbobgo

    2018 Tacoma SOLD

    It was not there initially
  14. cbobgo

    Thinking about buying this tacoma - reasonable price?

    You know, that's not even remotely true. If you read my subsequent posts you would see that I was appreciating people's input. But not everyone here is looking for the exact same experience. I'm not interested in building my own rig, it's just not my thing. To say that only people who build...
  15. cbobgo

    This would make a pretty sweet looking camper

    How long till someone converts one of these?
  16. cbobgo

    2018 Tacoma SOLD

    You don't have an asking price?
  17. cbobgo

    Thinking about buying this tacoma - reasonable price?

    Why? Because that's not what I want to do. I'm not getting into this to work on a truck, I'm getting into this to get in a truck and go somewhere. And I'd like to do that as soon as possible.