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    SOLD! 2010 Ujoint E350 V10, Short Body, 116k MI, North Bay Area

    I'd love to know what ambulance you are building out now. Regular medical type 2 unit? A unicorn ERV? The van you sold is sweet! Have you considered doing a build thread on your new rig?
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    The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats

    I assume you don't have these mount to sell anymore, but let me know if you do! New guy here...I just got my first e-series and would love to go the Sienna seat route, but is anyone making driver/passenger mounts anymore? I hate I have missed the boat here.
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    2003 E450 ERV Overland- this truck is a unicorn $100k

    carnut1969, did you end up selling this rig? Because I’m interested! I’m located in Alabama and would love to talk with you. I’m brand new to expedition portal so I’m not sure what is the best way to reach out. Even if you sold it I would like to talk with you because I will eventually have a...