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    Ranger Raptor...

    Another 2.8 duramax (Canyon) owner here. Coming from an F150 ecoboost, it's certainly no rocketship, but the torque is there and it will move whatever you need to behind it (within reason). Not sure where the 'horrible on freeway' comments are coming from, but I suspect it's from guys who've...
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    Colorado ZR2 and Tacoma TRD Pro compared

    Sure looks fully boxed in this brochure from Ford. Check out page 4.
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    2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2

    Cool video on a ZR2 utility body they put together as a support vehicle.
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    SOS..4x4 newbie here and undecided between a LC100 or a 4th gen!

    I've owned both an 06' 4runner V8 and an 02' LC100, both relatively stock. Mileage was slightly in favor of the 4runner due to 5sp vs. 4sp transmission, but not much. Space in favor of the LC, along with overall comfort for both driver and passengers. Loved the tailgate on the LC, dog loved the...
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    My Journey

    Have read entire thread; keep posting we really appreciate the updates!