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    1997 Isuzu trooper new motor and tranny repost asking $6000 Albuquerque SOLD

    I've owned quite a few of these and even today after selling my last one I still miss Troopers. They are incredibly roomy inside, one of the most capable 4x4s in stock or mildy upfitted forms, and can be very dependable as long as the maintenance is up to date. The motor is very robust, the...
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    Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Setups

    Nice feedback. Lots to think about for the next 100,000kms until new shocks are needed on my ZR2.
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    Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Setups

    The multimatic oil volume seems pretty large at a glance, given the two extra chambers built into the shock. I wonder if the rear shocks could benefit from a lower bushing assembly that allows more flex, avoiding stress on the shock. In any case, yes I would be wary of purchasing a 2019 or...
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    Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Setups

    As usual providing partial information can lead to inaccurate conclusions. The spool valve shocks have gone through revisions to resolve the leaking seal head issues. I'm not sure on the ZR2 model years that received the new shocks but I believe it's 2020-2022. 2019 might be included there...
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    2000 Isuzu trooper opinions

    2000 + manual is a rare enough find.
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    Trooper Gurus! '96 Trooper Questions

    Generally speaking the 95-97 years were the best Troopers offered. Pre-OBDII, wider track, pre-TOD/SOFT 4x4 system, 3.2 engine that was optimized. One thing you failed to mention is the transmission: is it an auto? The 4L30E is notorious for failing giving it is underspec'd for the weight and...
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    My 1992 Chevrolet/Isuzu Trooper Build in Chile S.A.

    I've got the MUA-5 so it will bolt up to the 2.8 and 3.1 without issues. There's a complete parts Amigo in Vancouver with a 4x4, 5spd turbo inter-cooled 2.8. It's a non starter but at $1500 for the complete, I get all the little bits that will make the swap complete. If the pump is dead it's...
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    My 1992 Chevrolet/Isuzu Trooper Build in Chile S.A.

    Very interesting. I've been thinking about a swap for a very long time now. The 3.1 is the standard swap for 2nd gen Troopers but the JDM engines come with the electronically controlled fuel pump and finding an engine in Japan set up for manual is difficult. The added cost of getting an engine...
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    My 1992 Chevrolet/Isuzu Trooper Build in Chile S.A.

    Is that the 2.8 in the Trooper? Powerful enough?
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    Tips for a possible purchase? 1997 Disco 63,000 miles

    Seems like a really good deal. Any helpful information on what to look for would be appreciated
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    And now for something different...VW Golf Syncro on Ebay

    Out at a local wheeling weekend ( BC Jeep club toy drive)