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  1. plainjaneFJC

    HJ45 Perpetually Dead Battery

    If you haven’t yet- post up here.
  2. plainjaneFJC

    Thinking of buying land cruiser 100

    Hopefully they have receipts. If you have a sas montero then the cruiser is a cakewalk..😅
  3. plainjaneFJC

    Thinking of buying land cruiser 100

    Just be aware parts are getting hard to come by-well maintained examples are real expensive- 25k plus. Check for rust as most of them in the cheaper range have it. As for gearing- mine runs on 33s, front and rear bumpers and it’s not regeared and I don’t plan on a re-gear.
  4. plainjaneFJC

    PNW Brand Liquidating rooftop tents, awnings, bed racks, and recovery treads.

    Best of luck with the sale, prices look good IMO!
  5. plainjaneFJC

    2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD OffRoad w Flatbed Tray and Canopy

    I guess the OP doesn’t want to list a price? 🤷
  6. plainjaneFJC

    Towing with a Tacoma.....

    3300lbs empty translates to 3700 loaded, 15% tongue weight is around 600lbs, well add yourself and a passenger 400lbs, that leaves you a whopping 200lbs for anything you throw in the bed. Payload is your issue, not towing capacity. Most tacomas are around 1200lb- 4 door, 4wd, etc.
  7. plainjaneFJC

    Towing with a Tacoma.....

    The new 5.3 is garbage- we have a fleet of them, guaranteed valvetrain issues by 50k miles.
  8. plainjaneFJC

    Status of US Maltec Campers?

    It show how out of touch the leadership is with the actual forum, this is exactly like the pop up ad deal.
  9. plainjaneFJC

    INEOS Grenadier

    Sorry I was attempting sarcasm- the law is clear about warranty and maintenance work.😆👍
  10. plainjaneFJC

    2022 Nissan Frontier SV

    Camper- 250lbs Driver- 200lbs Passenger 150 lbs 600lb cargo capacity Not picking on this truck- I think it’s sweet, just hate how all the companies do trucks for the NA market.
  11. plainjaneFJC

    INEOS Grenadier

    You mean I can do my own oil change and maintain the warranty?…
  12. plainjaneFJC

    New Defender News

    We’ve got quite a few stretches of 80 in Oklahoma- even more at 75. It hasn’t been 55 in probably 30 years.
  13. plainjaneFJC

    New Defender News

    Lol we will just disagree. They babied that thing and it failed. The whole experience was a train wreck for Land Rover. I’m still a fan of their old defenders so don’t take this as just a bash on the brand….
  14. plainjaneFJC

    New Defender News

    Right - what’s wrong with that? You lamented the fact that lots of people watched the video of a defender shortcoming and all the related videos. It’s no different than rubberneckers on the road, people like crashes. You can’t be upset at TFL- you should be upset at Land Rover- if anyone at all..
  15. plainjaneFJC

    Production numbers

    He needs some of that eye candy for his YouTube channel…😄