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    2020 Ford F250 Superduty 4x4 Crewcab 6.5' Bed 6.2 liter gas engine

    Really nice truck. Extended fuel tank is really cool, I am glad they are finally making them for gasoline engines now. Carli pintop is awesome too. Honestly looks like a really well put together truck.
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    2007 CX Tiger Chevrolet Diesel

    This is a community. I personally find information about a vehicles past history helpful. People can then make up their own decisions using critical thinking, having all the info available to them. When you publicly post an ad on a free website you expose yourself to criticism in some forms...
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    2013 Tiger Provan Malayan LT F250 4x4 on Craigslist

    This thing has sold so many times. Search "2013" "Tiger" "F250". I think this might be it's 5th or 6th owner, at least? The asking price has always been the same, around $100k each time. It's held its value well. There was concern about it being overweight and maybe not handling very well on the...
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    1989 Toyota Hilux Galaxy Camper 4x4

    Saw this cool camper coming up this week on Cars & Bids. It has no reserve and ends on January 25 at 3:30pm ET.
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    Earthroamer sell off?

    There's now 7 "pre-roamed" for sale on earthroamers page. None of them seem to want to lower the price. The 2012 regular cab one for $370,000 has been listed for like half the year it seems and the owners don't seem to want to take a hint. I don't even know if that would sell for $200k to be...
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    2008 GMC 4X4 C4500 $193,000.00

    Is the price $19,300 or $193,000? I am confused.
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    Earthroamer SX

    This will probably start at $499,000. Cheaper than the LTI, but still way out of reach for most people.
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    Composite panels.
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    2018 F350 on 43" tires by defco (owned by NFL player)

    This is an insane build listed on Cars and Bids. Owned by former NFL player. Has about $80k worth of mods in it. Not mine (obviously).
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    Earthroamer Founder "Bill Swails" passes away at 60

    I searched and searched these forums, but I didn't see any mention of this. I was suprised to find out that Bill Swails, founder of Earthroamer, has passed away. Apparently he died about 6 months ago. Here's his obituary: Just...
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    FOR SALE: NEW 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ79 - $55k OBO

    My absolute dream truck. Can't believe they still make these new. It's such a shame that the import laws are so stupid in the USA and Canada.
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    OFF-GRID 4-season Northern Lite camper with HUGE garage

    I will help you out and post the photos here for you. Good luck with your sale!
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    2017 Rubicon w/ AEV & Ursa Minor

    Thanks for clarifying. This is a really nice looking rig. Someone will be lucky to have it!
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    2017 Rubicon w/ AEV & Ursa Minor

    For anyone who cares, I think this is a previous rental vehicle. Would make sense, since usually they are sold off when the warranty ends (before 60k miles). I found this info at
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    2017 Rubicon w/ AEV & Ursa Minor

    Love the colour, all white with white ursa top. I wish more people would choose all white, it looks so slick.
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    New kid on the block! AWD Transit with composite camper AEONrv

    Have any of these been delivered to customers yet?
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    Ford F550 Cube Truck

    Interior photos here: