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    *Price Drop* 2022 Caribou Lite 6.5 Pop Up Slide-in Truck Camper by Outfitter $25k

    Maybe more interest in the "Campers-Trailers" section.

    Northern Death Valley Road Conditions 2023 ???

    To answer your question...I recently traveled through DV from Shoshone in the south to Lone Pine in the north via Furnace Creek and Saline Valley. Roads were open...a little snow lingering in the north pass. This was last week, 12-16 Feb.

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    I don't know if this is the same one but looks well made...skip to 5:42.

    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Looks nice. Another option could be "like" the FJ Cruiser...Temperature, Inclinometer, Altimeter, etc.

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Wait until after they build my J30 before suggesting new projects. ;)

    Selling our 2017 Turtleback Expedition Camper

    You might get more interest if you posted in the Trailers for Sale section.

    NV/UT Road Trip: 4/2-4/8/22

    Baja 2022

    I'm guessing Baja turned into a total **************** when you arrived in your double decker studebaker!

    (SOLD) 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition

    You joined today and this is your first post...keeping it classy and mature!
  10. BOHICA

    Winchless Recovery Kit

    Better yet...attach video of actual recovery using kit.
  11. BOHICA A little on the pricey side but I like the custom A little on the pricey side but I like the custom wasted space! Ken
  12. BOHICA

    JK/JL Jeep Camper Concept

    Here's a well executed home built...
  13. BOHICA

    "TrailTop" modular trailer topper building components

    May have already been discussed, but some random thoughts...the bigger and flatter the fenders the better for cooking surface, also a great place to put dirty footwear at night. Battery and solar panels to power the refrigerator? How about a portable "dry-flush, waterless, odorless" toilet for...
  14. BOHICA

    Map & hardware for off road, off grid, vehicle use.

    This was my setup in FJ Cruiser with floor mounted RAM mount. I now have an iPad mini in my 4Runner mounted to dash with magnet, using GAIA GPS for offline maps.
  15. BOHICA

    **SOLD**For Sale: La Quinta, CA (pickup only) ViAir, Pullpal, X-Trax, iPad Ram Mount

    No-drill iPad/laptop mount for FJ Cruiser (vehicle specific) New: $290, Now: $140 ViAir 400p Air Compressor used 2-3 times New (Amazon): $150, Now: $75 ARB Bushranger X-Trax II pair (Never Used) New (Amazon): $260, Now: $130 Pullpal RW 11,000: Winch extractor (Never Used) New...