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  1. steve97tj

    2013 ford transit connect or "our minimalist camper"

    Bump this to the top. Ive seen a handful of these done up but barely any. I think these are great platforms for a DD/weekend warrior.
  2. steve97tj

    CJ5 Resto-Mod Project

    Seeing a picture on Facebook it looks like it's sitting on a lift but maybe just for storage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. steve97tj

    SSF556 Build Up - 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

    Love the build. Really been looking towards a WK alot lately, the diesel just makes it that more appealing, I have looked at the CRD liberty but with a great dane, i think i need something a little bigger. Have you had any issues at all since you've owned it? Btw fellow greenvillian here.
  4. steve97tj

    Croc Hunter '92 MJ

    Love the build man. Updates?
  5. steve97tj

    Diesel Comanche build

    Anything new with this? you like the power with it? less power then a 4.0?
  6. steve97tj

    Pete's Tacoma Build

    Realized recently that i live right down from the shop. Going to try and catch yall there sometime and come by and say hey.
  7. steve97tj

    2004 Dodge/Diesel/Utility Bed/Skamper-Modifications

    Today or tomorrow huh?
  8. steve97tj

    2004 Dodge/Diesel/Utility Bed/Skamper-Modifications

    Man this thing is awesome. Any updates with it?
  9. steve97tj

    My SAS Mazda B2600 Diesel Expedition project

    I saw you yesterday somewhere in KY i do believe, you were stopped in front of a Denny's when i passed you going to Arby's i told my fiance "That truck looks familiar.." Great looking truck, you were pulling off when i rode by. Not everyday you see one of these things built.
  10. steve97tj

    Inspire me with R50 Pathfinders

    Bump this to the top.
  11. steve97tj

    OldSven's 4Runner

    I was a big fan of your tacoma and now really liking how your 4runner is turning out. Keep up the good work man i'll be watching.