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  1. dman93

    Advice on 1996 Toyota T100 SR5 camper upgrades

    Do you know what your payload will be with camper + camping gear and supplies? My ‘97 T100 had very stiff springs and with my FlipPac camper plus gear never felt overloaded. Though of course that’s a lot less than 900 lb. In fact, even with a 3/4 ton load of gravel the suspension wasn’t on the...
  2. dman93

    What direction did you head when you outgrew your 4runner?

    I never had a 4Runner, ours was an 80 Series, but as our kids grew, we went the opposite way and got a smalller vehicle, a Forester when they were in junior high for better mpg and as a daily driver. We kept the LC until they were in high school and then sold it. Admittedly I was also doing...
  3. dman93

    Imported Toyota HiAce Camper Van-3L Diesel 4WD 5 Speed (1996)

    I’m not an expert on CA law but 1997 and older diesels are exempt from the normal smog checks, whether on transfer of ownership or biennial with the same owner. I certainly see a lot of CA-registered non-US market diesels around, some of the local ones year after year (ie renewed registration)...
  4. dman93

    Best value these days: 4Runner or GX460?

    Just FYI, almost 20 years ago I went from an 80 Series Land Cruiser to a Forester XT. I wasn’t doing much hardcore off-roading, it was my daily driver, and I wanted more power, better mpg, on road comfort and handling etc. The manual transmission turbo Subaru did all that. And it was really good...
  5. dman93

    Need to replace my 06 Taco: is the 2022 TRD Off-road worth the extra cost?

    I believe the SR5 is now available with an off-road package which includes some of the items from the TRD OR. I saw a video about it on TFL but now I can’t find that configuration on
  6. dman93

    Expovans Transit 4x4 Conversions

    I have too much invested in our AWD Transit to consider this but I like the engineering, and the philosophy behind it. Question: do you plan to offer any other “hard parts” for 2WD or AWD Transits … I’m thinking skid plates, sliders, tow points, and maybe even a lift and rear shock bracket kit...
  7. dman93

    Aftermarket/Third Party tarp/tent/awning poles

    I have the Green Elephant poles. Haven’t used them much but they work fine and seem decent quality.
  8. dman93

    At a Crossroads: Planning a Vehicle for Future Family Use

    Congratulations on the upcoming changes in your life! When we first had kids, over 30 years ago now, we had a 4wd SuperCab (rear jump seats) Ranger and a Vanagon Westy pop top with stove, water, fridge. Since acquiring the VW we had rarely tent camped since the van was so handy, and quite...
  9. dman93

    mountain biking+camping focused 4runner setup?

    We do many of the things you do, and finally got a van. Huge off-road with limited clearance, poor mpg, but sleeping inside (with a furnace!) and keeping the bikes hidden inside are worth it for us … most of the time. We still have our previous travel rig, a 5’ bed Tacoma so sleeping in the bed...
  10. dman93

    The Status of Overlanding Today

    I’ve never done any true international overlanding; ie crossing borders beyond just US/Canada. But I have been exploring forest and desert dirt roads since the late ‘70’s, first in an Alfa Berlina, then various small FWD hatchbacks until I finally got a 600 thumper and then a 4wd Datsun pickup...
  11. dman93

    Why buy a land cruiser?

    All I can add here is that we owned an 80 Series, a rather rare trim combo of triple-locked, sunroof and 3rd row seats, but cloth upholstery on non-power seats. Added an OME lift, joined TLCA and did the Rubicon twice in the ‘90’s … probably the first 80 to do it, certainly the first at a...
  12. dman93

    Knockoff ARB (HF Air) air compressor

    My ARB compressor stopped putting out much air after many years but not much usage. Couldn’t find the parts for a rebuild, and bought a Viair that I’ve had under hood for a few years now, always works. And I bought a portable Harbor Freight...
  13. dman93

    Cots talk

    Thanks @PlacidWaters that helped a lot. My Exped is a pure air mattress, no added insulation and no pump bag; it’s Inflated by pumping on it with both hands, then deflated by opening a valve and getting the last air out by rolling it up. It’s very comfortable, and packs down very small (I also...
  14. dman93

    Most secure pick up bed cover

    Define security. I live in a community with rampant car break-ins. My truck sits curbside every night except when I’m traveling. My soft tonneau has never been slashed. On the other hand, windows have been broken on other cars, and doors SlimJim-ed. My experience over several years with the...
  15. dman93

    Cots talk

    Help me understand cots. Do any/all of the ones provide adequate side-sleeping comfort without a pad (foam, ThermaRest, air mattress)? I’m intrigued, but probably haven’t used one since kindergarten, and I’m hesitant to pack both a cot and mattress. When I travel solo I use an Exped air...
  16. dman93

    winter tires when I live where it snows a lot but also plan to go to the desert?

    Our daughter’s boyfriend runs Hakka’s year-round. They live in Oregon and he drives a lot in the cold-in-winter and hot-in-summer central and eastern parts of the state. However, this is on an Outback, so lighter than a 4Runner. I can ask him about tread life but I know he loves the tires. He’s...
  17. dman93

    Smartphone apps on new fridges

    One more data point, my Dometic portable fridge has an app and connects via WiFi which is more cumbersome vs Bluetooth, I suspect. But I never use it and don’t see any usefulness for it, so even if it were BT like the newer fridges I doubt I’d use it.
  18. dman93

    New to me T-100 - HELP!

    Is it a 2.7 four or a 3.4 V6? If the latter, maybe timing belt should be checked. The seal where the steering column goes through the firewall wears —- not a big deal, but a cheap easy fix that reduces noise and fumes coming into the cab. Cleaning the throttle body helps with these motors. Also...
  19. dman93

    Transit AWD build overland style-I'm back in a van

    Excellent build, I have to say that after a lot of thought we turned ours over to a local outfitter; he did a great job (far better than we could have done) and it was mostly custom to our spec, but I always see some things looking at other builds ... “Arghh, we should have done that!” We did...
  20. dman93

    AWD transit in sand

    Will be following on the lift kit experiences as more people get them, and maybe there are some options in addition to VC. I’ve only lifted one vehicle, my old FJ80, and definitely noticed ill effects on handling despite just 2” taller springs (OME) and slightly taller tires. And I ended up...