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  1. gfe jeep

    Removable Winch

    My first bumper was for a removable winch and did have it wired for the rear when needed. When I changed bumpers it was mounted permanently. I did use it a couple of times in the rear as it happens sometimes wheeling alone. I still have my winch, it is a Superwinch and is 11 years old. It...
  2. gfe jeep

    2018 Patriot Camper Like NEW- PRICE DROP

    bump for more pictures
  3. gfe jeep

    12v Cigarette plug in back enough for fridge?

    Or you could wire in a power inverter to use. It has a shut off so you dont drain your only battery if thats the case. I have a dual battery kit and a 2000 watt power inverter under the passenger seat. I also installed a fuse box behind the glove box for additional power spots for other items -...
  4. gfe jeep

    AEV 10 Gallon Fuel Tank

    For those who dont have an AEV system google Titan Fuel Tanks. Works with many tire carriers and carries 12 gallons. FWIW
  5. gfe jeep

    Need Some Quick Input

    3.8 I guess I'll be different. I dont want a 3.6 Penstar. I love my 3.8 and the oil usage issue was not common. Those who had that problem changed the weight of the oil they used. I have a 2008 Sahara 2 door that is made better than a Rubicon. 37" tires abd regeared fro 3.73 to 5.13. I get 17...
  6. gfe jeep

    Oil Burners (3.8L JK) show me your funnel and

    Some with the oil burning problem have found that replacing the PVC valve fixed their problem. Others have by changing the oil as stated above. Jeep recommends replacing / checking the PVC valve every 30000 miles. DIY instructions can be found on some of the Jeep forums here. The part is $16 or...
  7. gfe jeep

    JK aux fuel tank

    No Hijack ! This option has not been posted here so I will for another fuel option.. This is easier to install and still a clean option instead of cans. I do not have one. Just wanted to post another idea.
  8. gfe jeep

    Rust advice

    IMO I would not buy a newer model with the 3.6. No room for building under the hood. I have a 2008, 2 door JK 6 speed manual and have had no problems, (other than the ones I created offroad) and love the room for building. I would not get a 3.8 with auto trans for reasons suggested above and...
  9. gfe jeep

    Dual battery options for 2 door JK

    Genesis I am happy with my Genesis setup. You can do this cheaper but a system like this is a no brainer...
  10. gfe jeep

    Jeep wrangler bumpers and side steps

    I'm interested in the side rails. Where are you located?
  11. gfe jeep

    JKU in floor OBA and cargo floor project

    Interesting build! My compressor is under the hood, air tank is behind the radiator and I have air access in the back and under the front bumper. The cubby hole will get an additional gas tank. that's why I didn't use that space. Great job and nice finished product!
  12. gfe jeep

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    heres my 08 sahara building for an expedition vehicle
  13. gfe jeep

    JK Expedition Wannabe

    nice build And nice pics
  14. gfe jeep

    Jeep/Land Rover 109 hybrid

    nice job Chris! Great thread.
  15. gfe jeep

    Jeep Tire/Wheel Help Needed

    I dumped my 18" sahara wheels Due to the cost of tires. Rehearing will be necessary with 35's. I used wheels with 4" backspacing to eliminate using spacers. Many go with 4.5" backspacing without spacers. Extended bump stops will be necessary too.
  16. gfe jeep

    Tire Help

    Take a look at cooper St T's. They wear well on pavement and are great off road. I have 33's on my wife's fj, and 37's on my jk.
  17. gfe jeep

    Best dual battery tray for '07 JK?

    This is the kit I am saving for.
  18. gfe jeep

    Two Aux Tanks for the JK

    Currie Anti Rock should work. As with the Genright, they suggest using a 4 door model on the 2 door for a firmer feel.
  19. gfe jeep

    Two Aux Tanks for the JK

    Jeep Speed Shop Put a TJ gas tank in the rear of a JK for less than the Genright. I like the Genright and hope it will be a future mod when funds are available. My exhaust will end before the axle and losing the small stoage in the back isn't a big deal for me. They also have a...