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    German 98 Blazer build

    personally id get it rubberized, in which would keep anything from rattling and keep it from dinging up the rear hatch. maybe a even a rubber door stop for the top of it that goes behind the window...
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    '99 S10 Stepside

    sadly, yes it is 2wd which is also why im not gonna go full out on fixing her up as a expo car. lol, and i just finished putting in one of new seats. the other will be done tomorrow
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    bomb a** truck dude!

    bomb a** truck dude!
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    '99 S10 Stepside

    Basically, this is gonna be my first expo-ish vehicle. So i just want some help on getting started
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    '99 S10 Stepside

    im already on there, but everyone there is more into dropping and bagging their trucks. and a lowered truck is ***** truck! haha, i want to make my truck into an off roader but not a full on exploration truck. im saving that for the MB, cause im not selling my S10 atleast 2.5-3years
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    '99 S10 Stepside

    Ok, i know its nothing special at the moment. I just got it a few months ago right before i lost my job, so i havent been able to do much of anything with her. I just got HID's, and am in the process of putting in bucket seats from a '98 Cavalier. Theyre just ubber comfy and help with my bad...
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    2005 Chevy Colorado Build Up

    if your driving around at night, a good investment would be some HID's. I know theyre mostly used on litte tuners, but they are a hell of alot brighter better. i just had 6k pure white installed for my low beam and 3k yellow for my high beam, and i have the relay for high beams too! and its made...