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  1. Navman

    California Highway 395

    The 395 corridor is my favorite place on Earth. Just love it over there.
  2. Navman

    06 LR3 Problem with cruise control

    That's what mine did for a while as well. Now it doesn't work at all. I could never keep cruise control working for long on my old D1 either so I just chalk it up to "it's a Rover thing" and ignore it as I don't want to pay to have it fixed right now.
  3. Navman

    27.5+ roll call Please tell me more + or -

    Jayspies, it's already happening and quickly. Sure there will be a core Fatbike community that won't change and shouldn't, but outside of the snow belt the + sizes will win out over FBs. To me it's more about performance than weight. Riding a FB on dirt is fun but it has some downsides...
  4. Navman

    27.5+ roll call Please tell me more + or -

    I can't comment on a bikepacking specific setup, but 27.5+ is the future of mountain biking - you know regular old trail riding. Every year you will see more bikes with tires in the 2.8-3.0 range. After spending time on a proper trail setup, I can't see going back to 29r for the trails that I...
  5. Navman

    The ExPo Mountain Bike Photo Thread

    Here is my latest toy before it's maiden voyage. Look closely. Yup, those are + tires. I ridden plus size on hardtails and ebikes, but this was my first ride on this particular bike. While I initially thought I'd add a 29er wheelset to go with it, I'm not sure I'll need it anymore. The ride...
  6. Navman

    New 2015 F150

    Yeah, I was actually surprised by it. I think the only two on the lot with the long bed both came with an $11k discount so I jumped at it. Again, it had everything I wanted even down to the wheels so I was lucky. It even came with options that I wanted but would have been hesitant to pay for...
  7. Navman

    New 2015 F150

    Well, I'm a Land Rover guy and never thought I'd actually buy a pickup let alone a Ford. I'm glad I did. This thing is rather awesome and it came with everything I wanted, including a big discount. The 3.5L Ecoboost is surprisingly good. It's a bit long with the 6.5ft bed but i'm glad I have...
  8. Navman

    Discovery Sport vs. Grand Cherokee Overland vs. 4Runner TRD

    haha, the only first year car I ever bought has also been my most reliable - by far. And my Land Rover LR3 has been my second most reliable. Weird.
  9. Navman

    Comparing Discovery Sport and Subaru Outback

    The Outback and the Discovery are both at the top of my list to replace my aging Outback. The rear seat room adjustability in the DS is a huge bonus for me as my 13 year old is already 6ft tall. Not sure why others haven't done something similar yet. No, it's not as capable as an LR3/4, but...
  10. Navman

    Ducati Scrambler: Adventure Redefined

    Looking forward to hearing about the V7. I was checking those out last weekend at the shop.
  11. Navman

    Need an Honest review of an Disco 3

    I have a 2008 LR3 with 80k miles on it. We've had it since new. I think we spent a grand total of $0 in repairs and had zero oil spots on my driveway until a couple of weeks ago. Awesome vehicle. That said, we just spent over $4k in repairs at the dealer. My parking brake still doesn't work...
  12. Navman

    Ducati Scrambler: Adventure Redefined

    Love that bike. I already started working on the missus.
  13. Navman

    Darien Gap Crossing,26946/970biking,307
  14. Navman

    MTN Bike set-up for Hunting

    how about this?
  15. Navman

    The ExPo Mountain Bike Photo Thread

    Cannel trail at the top of the Plunge, with Lake Isabella in the background. Yes, that's almost how far we descended - and it was awesome.
  16. Navman

    If you had to have one bike?

    I'm still struggling with this concept of only having one bike. Very difficult to imagine, or accept. :)
  17. Navman

    Home Page Topics relative to Bicycles?

    e-bikes, meaning electric assist. Hugely popular in Europe and now coming to the US. While diehards may scoff at the idea, they sure are fun (fatbike fun) and a great way to commute.
  18. Navman

    First Ride: 2015 Salsa Bucksaw Full-Suspension Fatbike

    It was only a matter of 'when' for first front suspension and then rear. While I only saw front suspended fatties at the Sea Otter Classic this weekend, Salsa jumps the gun and does both ends. Good for them. I imagine others will be close behind. While riding some fatties last year, one guy...
  19. Navman

    What's next?

    Do yourself a favor and test ride a new 120-140mm travel full-suspension 29er with 1x11 XO1 gearing, preferably with a Pike fork. It's amazing how capable and efficient these bikes are. If you have the $$ then a carbon frame and carbon wheels are worth it. My current favorite is a Specialized...