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  1. xpndbl3

    1988 1 ton suburban buildup

    ended up buying a newer truck and selling this one. Was tough looking professional enough in this yuppie area with that thing to get jobs and new customers. A buddy is making payments on it to me until it's paid in full. I'm definitely going to miss her but have gotten 30% more work this...
  2. xpndbl3

    My 1991 Suburban V2500 Build (ideas welcome)

    I'm pretty happy with the overall buildup on my suburban, excellent street manners and works great on those dirt hunting trails as well. Build thread in the sig.
  3. xpndbl3

    Project “Polar Bear”: 1989 V2500 Suburban

    got a part number on those vent shades? I definitely need to add a set to my truck
  4. xpndbl3

    Stock Differential Cover Replacements

    Ruffstuff makes some killer strong covers if you were interested in more protection from rocks hitting it. Otherwise more capacity in the rear can't be a bad thing when towing. Or using quality gear lube and changing it out regularly.
  5. xpndbl3

    Project “Polar Bear”: 1989 V2500 Suburban

    oh no with the gen 3 motor swap I don't have A/C anymore, but when the truck was stock I had both A/c and rear heat. Hoping to put on some conversion brackets and figure out a/c sometime next summer though. Just going to cost $1300 or so to do.
  6. xpndbl3

    Project “Polar Bear”: 1989 V2500 Suburban

    i have rear a/c and rear heat. Although when the truck came from california when I bought it the rear heat wasn't hooked up. In chicago we definitely need all the heat we can get, so it's hooked back up.
  7. xpndbl3

    86 Suburban, warwgn's build.

    you need a zero rate and move the front axle forward 1" that will help your tire clearance issues a bunch. Then a little sawzall action to take care of the rest. The zero rate will also lift the front 1" also.
  8. xpndbl3

    post your Suburban pics

    i like the rear bumper mod....any details on that? Sure looks nicer than the stock suburban one that will crumple the quarter at the slightest bump
  9. xpndbl3

    Another 1991 Suburban

    I believe the 5.3L would get better mileage and have more power while towing against the ancient efi technology of the 454tbi, it's a better combo all around. Plus 125 ish pounds lighter than the sbc and what 225-275 pounds lighter than a 454 with iron heads?
  10. xpndbl3

    Loud Fan - 454 TBI

    spray off the radiator/condensor with a hose and clear out all the mud/dirt/bugs that are probably clogging it up.
  11. xpndbl3

    1988 1 ton suburban buildup

    built the th400 up just like I did to the one in my race car. Trans go shift kit, deep aluminum pan, trans temp gauge, huge trans cooler, 4L80E drum and 34 element sprag, upgraded torque converter, racing clutches and master rebuild kit.
  12. xpndbl3

    Sleeping in back w/ bed liner coating?

    let it air out for a bit, it doesn't release fumes forever ;)
  13. xpndbl3

    Project Budget Beater

    gorgeous pics!
  14. xpndbl3


    brakes are much larger on 3/4 ton suburbans, not sure you can swap them onto the smaller rear axle you would have though.
  15. xpndbl3

    1988 1 ton suburban buildup

    well another little mini update here, picked up a trailer for my business and upon arriving at home I had no reverse, so it looks like it's time for a trans rebuild. Fluid is still pink and level is good as I'm always on maintenance for this truck, but guess it was finally time to give up the...
  16. xpndbl3

    1988 1 ton suburban buildup

    Haha ya we have stoplights pretty much every half mile or so, I'm dying for the country lifestyle instead, maybe one of these years.
  17. xpndbl3

    1988 1 ton suburban buildup

    with this crap chicago gas, i'm doing better than most. Have read about guys getting in the 15 range on the highway with the swaps, but like I said I don't drive on the highway and it's all heavy traffic areas around here and stop and go non stop. Even picking up 3mpg is huge for me, I'm sure...
  18. xpndbl3

    Duraburb Project

    Is there a shackle flip option for the rear? That would eliminate most of the block and allow you to use a smaller one if one at all. I know the 70s to late 90s trucks have that option, never poked around for the newer trucks.
  19. xpndbl3

    1988 1 ton suburban buildup

    SO picking up over 3mpg in the city isn't a "good enough" swap mileage wise? That's 30% better on fuel than it was before with a TON more power and no drivability issues like the TBI engine had all the time. Runs cooler, it's a lighter motor and did I mention 135 extra hp over that 350? No...
  20. xpndbl3

    1988 1 ton suburban buildup

    Getting a combined 11.x mileage right now, it was 8 city and 11 highway, so I'm really happy since 90% of my driving is in the city. Only 3 mile trips across the interstate once a week tops.