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  1. fusog

    BUYER BEWARE 1996 Chinook Concourse Side Entry 7.3

    Sorry to hear about the deposit was not returned. Thank you for sharing this with the community, I love that you have the best interest of others in your heart. Hopefully the seller will discover this post and reconsider his choices.
  2. fusog

    Turning a Street Sweeper into a Overlander / BOX RV (2007 Freightliner FC80)

    Hello, I’d like to share the start of this build with the community. After researching for about a year, debating concepts with experienced RV / Overlander friends and countless YouTube videos. I had created a short list of options for Overlander category vehicles. One of the vehicles was a...
  3. fusog

    2004 Mitsubishi FUSO Diesel, 4x4 Flatbed Truck, located in Wisconsin

    ODO: 44,049. 5 speed manual transmission. 140 HP turbo diesel engine. Has Power take-offs (PTOs). Great condition and ready to drive away! VIN: JL6BLE1H24K004179 Price: $32,000
  4. fusog

    Selling a 2004 FUSO 4x4

    Selling a 2004 FUSO 4x4